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The Tale of Betzi

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 7:48 pm    Post subject: The Tale of Betzi  Reply with quote

Hey guys, I'm new to the forums, well, I've been observing the forums for quite some time but I decided to finally make an account. I don't own an EF sedan, now before you ban me, hear me out  Laughing

I am AmTeC, I am in love with EF sedans, despite never owning one on paper, and only driving one three times ever. I live in Toronto, Canada eh, There are NO EF sedans here, You'd be lucky to see one once a year. In 2015 one of my friend's father owned one with a 5 spd manual, it was brown and rusty, He's had it for over a decade, and it was handed down from his brother who had it since it was brand new. Despite the rusty appearance, she had been maintained very well over her life, well, not body wise, but mechanically, yes. The owner had named it Betzi, and he loved it. He used to drive it every day despite having 4 newer, less rusty cars in the driveway. But a time came where his wife said GET RID OF IT. There was no space for him to keep it anymore. He didn't want to let go, but he had to. One of my friends (who is no longer my friend) wanted it so he could learn to drive a stick shift and "impress chicks". I was hoping after he was done with it he would be willing to give it to me. I had such grand plans for it. At the time my friend had gotten betzi's ownership from the owner, Betzi had 450,000 km, which is considered very high, most cars here dont make it that far because of the harsh winters. The engine was burning oil at an alarming rate, but was still making enough power to give thrills to 5 heavy ass guys joyriding around. My douchbag friend, had ground every gear, burnt the clutch trying to get out of a deep pothole, and finally, did burnouts with the oil pressure light on, and blew the engine, He then swept this under the rug. 2 weeks pass by, betzi still missing from his driveway "Oh its at the mechanic, yeah, he'll get to it when he gets to it, needs a new uhmmm.... coolant...filter... yeah"
4 months pass by, wheres the car?
"I don't know"
7 months pass, Okay that's it, I'm asking your dad, he's the one who's name is on the ownership anyways
His dad had notified me that the engine was seized when he got in it to head to work in the morning, and it had been sent to the junkyard months ago, if you wanted it, you should have asked while it was still running, I would have gladly given it to you, I know you could have made her new again.
My friend told me he would give it to me when he's done with it, or on the spot for $700, which was well above the value at the time "Its just a civic, nothing special" What a douche. Once the previous owner found out what had happened to Betzi, he was quite sad "I gave it to him because he promised he would take care of it, Its only been 2 weeks, I've had that car for years"

I had my eyes on this specific car for years, There aren't many pre 2001 cars left here, cars like this really do have a certain charm to them that you just can't replicate anymore.

And so died probably the last stock stick shift EF in Toronto, I hunted for a year and a half for another in the local classified, all I can find is rusty oil burning, automatics, with dead power steering and broken door hinges, and squeaking balljoints, or dead alternators, or leaky brake fluid. In the end I caved and bought an automatic CB7 Accord, I love it alot, but it still doesn't fill the void that Betzi left behind.

I used to browse these forums all the time in preparation for any repairs Betzi may have needed had I gotten the ownership like what was promised. I think this is a great community and I just wanted to share the story of My EF

Last known picture of Betzi, with the douchebag in the driver seat, while the previous owner was teaching him how to drive stick (out of frame)

Every day I miss Betzi. I can't get over it, It should never have ended this way.
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