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~Sp33~'s daily JDM 4g 4d content :P


It's not a civic... But the project logs section specifies 4th gen 4 doors... And my Ascot is based on a 4th gen 4dr Accord... Actually i just wanted somewhere to post my Daily's project log...

Really i didn't even want to do this car up, i had a Cressida before this for a beater and it was great but expensive to run and insure, but it was great because it was in such poor condition on the outside i never wanted to even bother. My Ascot though is surprisingly nice to drive. The CB chassis feels so much better put together than the EF (fighting words i know), and anyway i've really begun to appreciate the chassis.

Moving on, this is what she looked like when i got her:

See the cressy baby in the background... I miss that car. heh. Anyways the Ascot was tidy enough, interior was mint, panels weren't bad. It had a couple of knocks and scratches and it idled really low but apart from that it had some positives too, like an OEM Air Refiner, Icey cold JDM electronic Climate Control (with a flip face front) and a pimpin ass reverse chime that all JDM automatic Hondas seem to have.

I cleaned it up and took some moar pics:

The pictures don't do the colour any justice. It's a dark blue, with a purple/green pearl... Really nice!

First thing i did was found some covers for the giant holes in the bumper left by the oem foglight covers popping out during a bump by the looks of things.

As you can see too the front indicators are different colours.. But replacing those bad boys was harder than expected.... Who would've thought finding a wrecked Ascot would be this hard! Razz

Oh and btw, his name is 'Scot (original!).

So i had my eye on the CB Accords leather interior, i really like leather interior - my Cressy had it and i felt totally baller with it. The problem i had was i didn't think the doors were the same between the Accord and the Ascot, you'll notice the 'Scot has an extra window (and pillar) at the back. Well the guy i bought the car off of also happens to work at a wrecking yard and gave me the heads up that an Accord with full leather had come in and he did a real good deal on it for me (cheers Jack!)

ooooooooow leather...... and leather steering wheel!

Well, the next day i moved house, so progress got put on hold a little bit... And the 'Scot never missed a beat.... Also helped me move my whole house - Challenge Accepted!

So then i set to work on seeing how i'm going to make this interior work, the seats went in ok, except the drivers Ascot seat has a seatbelt reminder switch that i had to swap over on to the Accord seat (that doesn't otherwise have it).

The door cards were a giant PITA. I had to relocate the power window switch because for some reason the Ascot and Accord have them in different spots and this was the best solution that i could find. Also the rear doors ARE  a different shape, so i had to modify the shape of the door card so that i could actually close the door Neutral BUT, the result was definitely worth it!

Also i picked up a center arm rest from the wreckers, SCORE!

So the car was chewing tyres pretty bad, so i got a wheel alignment done, and swapped the civic wheels onto it so i could get new tyres on the CD Accord wheels that it's got.. Thoughts? Razz

I also picked up a Brake Master Cylinder from an Accord with low K's the same day i got the armrest, the 'Scots brake pedal would sink real low on hot days and on long trips, at first i thought it might've had something to do with the face that it had a rear disc conversion done on it before i picked it up, but the new BMC has cleared it up... So then i took it down to Sydney to pick up a turbo kit for my EF

Some pics i took on the way...

Sick hatchy:

My mate Emilio driving some of the way, tombo 'Vpower Greenday miniche' Dobson riding shotgun:

JDMYard's shop yer YER:

on the 2200km trip (in 48 hours) the only fault i can report was a blown headlight bulb... Also he hit 222,222 kms in the process!

Random snap:

When i got back some new parts were waiting for me.......

Laters stupid amber indicator light! Sup facelift grille!

Also picked up a DA lip along my travels that i thought would look good.

So i set about putting these things on this arv', i had a bit of time to kill...




I'll have to get some better shots when it's day time, but i think the car looks so much better now! Can't wait to see it by day.

Anyway, that's my daily - Hope you enjoyed the read!


Looks clean but you need to lower that monster truck.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Awesome Steve.  You've got a great nack for documenting things so well.  I agree, maybe some basic lowering springs (nothing crazy).

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