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zc swap????

I am doing some research and have come up with a few questions. first off the car is an 89 dx with auto. I know the harness will need to be converted to the MPFI. and I know that I need the black top zc motor. my goals are to keep it auto, build the engine up to withstand a little boost, locate a JR supercharger and get the adaptor plate to mount it to the ZC head(unless I can find a ZC kit) and slap it all togther making it look like a factory car. No bling here, I like a clean engine bay that draws very little attention. Almost like I want to have someone really check my car out to see what all was done to it. even to the point of having the stock exhaust manifolds extrude honed. the transmission is my next concern, will the zc auto trans work with the higher output or will i need a different trans, what are the weak points? clutches/gears/shafts? I'm not going to be drag racing the car, I just want it to be fun to drive. I hear about getting the zc for a few hundred dollars and all I can find is close to a grand, where are these inexpensive engines located?!?!?!? and will the acsssories from my stock engine fit the zc?

lots of questions, and I am looking stuff up. I would just like to hear from some people that actually has experience and not just what they heard from some guy that told another guy that read about something close to what I am asking about.....


ok well u know u want a zc but do u know if you want a singal or a dual head is where you want to start and i dont know for sher if that tranny will fit but i can be wrong.. and u will have to convert the harness to odb1 but good luck with the build.. Twisted Evil

duh, brain fart.  Embarassed sorry about that. I want a DOHC zc.   Very Happy

oh, and i found a shop local that returned my call today...on sunday!!!..... I was working and missed the call. he did leave a message and said they could still do this swap and that he knows where to get the engine pretty cheap. So  I am gonna give him a call monday and talk with him. I wish I could fit the B16a with the auto in there. I was told there is not enough room and that the b16a auto trans were not really all that great(????) as soon as I actually start doing anything to my car Ill post a build thread. but right now I am all about researching to figure out my game plan.

b16a automatic has been done google a wagon b16 automatic he shows everything done on the swap he cut some of the frame for the tranny to fit. my brother was gonna convert his b18a w/ power steering, a/c turbo. to bseries automatic but ended up going back to single cam motor and converting it  to automatic with a/c p/s turbo. your gonna have to play with motor mounts! good luck!

Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy Ok, so this shop says they can make the b16a/auto work!!!!!!! it would take some trimming and some custom fab work but that it should not be that hard. so now I need to find me a b16a auto with the computer and harness.... still wanting to go kind of period correct so if it will work a built and JR supercharged B16a auto is my goal. Not wanting to make it into a JDM superstar, just a clean little civic sedan that will be fun to putt around in.......with a suprise!!!!!! Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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