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Z6 Motor

Hey guys im still learning about everything. But i have a friend who is tryin to sell me a Z6 Motor with 150xxx miles on it or more. And they are wanting 200. with no ecu or spark plugs or wires. Do you think its wrong of me 150 for it ?

hell naw....lowball lol......the least he can do is say no....200 is a good price though as long as it runs.

Well i got the motor and tranny for 150 and a few other parts so im not complaining at all.

Thats pretty badass... What kinda wiring/conversions will you have to do to make it work? I may go that route if the engine Im trying next wk is a flop.

to tell you the truth im still tryin to find out. My buddy at my shop says he is just gonna tweek my engine harness. But im tryin to find out if the si harness will fit and work. And i know i gotta run a dpfi to mpfi. Ill keep you posted tho.

Sounds good man, thanks. I still want to do an MPFI conversion to mine but the parts are scarce around my neck of the woods.

Tweak your harness? All you gotta do is de-pin and relocate a couple wires and run 4 wires to the bay. Along with getting a Pm6 ecu, dizzy, plugs & wires, intake mani, and injectors lol!

A z6 swap is sweet little upgrade. $150 is a good price too. I paid $120 for my z6 head alone.

Oh and no, an si harness will not work. I mean it could, but it's more trouble than converting a mpfi harness. The mpfi swap is stupid simple! Don't be afraid to jump in yourself and learn a bit as you upgrade your ride Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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