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yellow DRLs in high beam illegal?

so i been thinking of putting in yellow drls in my high beams and was wondering if it's illegal in cali to have them yellow? they won't be running at 100% because i'll just be blinding everyone. more like at 50% or lower. just want to know if i can get a ticket for having yellow?

i think they are

well i know if i had them in my low beam they'd be illegal but i was hoping cause it's only at 50% or lower as a DRL i could get away with it but guess not. oh well not sure what i'll do now.

cops prolly just give a warning if you have them as hi beam. thats how i have them on my wagon 2yrs+ but i live in N.M.

well i'd rather not risk it. maybe i'll still do drls in my high beams but just regular bulbs at 50% or city lights. not sure.

i run 3k's in my high beams and live in Georgia , been runnin them for years , not to say its legal , but i havent had an issue

yeah i don't really want to try my luck. CHP already got me for $500 and i'm still paying it off aha. don't want another ticket.

It should be , its horrible lol Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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