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Y8 intake manifold for MPFI swap?

I threw my roof rack on CL to see what I could trade for.

I got a hit for a MPFI swap, using a Y8 manifold, guy says it has the obdo injectors, comes with the clips, resistor box, dizzy and plugs, throttle cable, and is ready to drop in aside from a PM6 ECU.

A. is this a fair trade...ive got maybe 200 into my rack

B. is it that straight foward of a swap with the obd2 manifold? What should I look for ahead of time to not get jipt if I go that route.

Dude also offered up some H&R springs which is almost more tempting...although Id want cash on top which I dont think he is digging that.

id ake the y8 mani and the springs if hes givin everythin except ecu, im gonna be swappin out my a6 here shortly just gotta see when my girl is off so I don't have to drive anywhere, but its pretty straight forward an I have a wiring write up with good pic of which wires get swapped for mpfi.

It's simple imo if you really use your rack then id say keep it but if there is no purpose for it really then id say go with the mpfi and you will need to do it eventually so might as well get it done sooner rather then later. Goodluck with the trade and yes it seems like a fair deal to me.

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