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WTH! my sedan wnt strt due to IDK help plz :)

hey guys..well i bought this car last year and the guy had all these wires running everywhere. the fan is by switch and the battery is relocated and the radio wires wer all over...anyway..
recently my car would lag so bad to strt and sometimes it wouldnt strt at shut it off for a few seconds and strt again and itll strt rite up..then the radio would flicker on and off..all electrical ie:(turn signals,,,lights,,,fan,,,dash clock,,,) all tht stuff would look so dim and the lights wouldnt go on bright at all.. i was driving one day and the car would hop so bad then it completely shut off on the fwy now..lights turn on but it sounds like a dead battery..i recharged it..and tried strting but it would have trouble..if yu read this yu kno what it can be,?

maybe the alternator or short on the wiring? Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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