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WTB: EF in Louisiana, East Texas, South Arkansas, North Miss

I want an EF (prefer sedan). Running or not, Ugly or pretty. Just want it to be not missing anything I wont be able to find.
Louisiana and the surrounding areas.
I have tons of parts for trade, in my CL ad.

You guys keep an eye out for me, no $500+ shells.

Ill keep an eye out but while I was looking for mine I will tell you this. I hate when people post stuff on Craigslist but never reply. Took forever but finally came up on a deal. Gl.

There is one for sale a couple hours from me...trying to sell some stuff to have the extra cash to buy it.
only problem is that its a 91....

I got a new car on Saturday.

I will put a thread later on the "nonEF" section lol.

I still love you guys though. Forum Index -> For sale/Want to buy/Want to trade
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