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WMHM July 23-24

Registration has opened for the Western Michigan Honda Meet. For those who dont know, it is a weekend track day event. Its $275 for two days of tracking your car. Spots are filling up fast, so for those who want to make the trek sign up quick. go to to check it out.  I checked the website and I did not see any ef sedans last year nor do I see any signing up this year. So I am saying I dont want to be the only ef sedan attending.

It's not always a bad thing being the only one! I've been at track days where I'm the only Honda. If it wasn't half way across the country I'd be down to go.

this looks like its going to be close to Import Alliance... I am not sure if the dates have been released for IA or not buts its usually at the end of July


import alliance is the 16-17.

so its official I am the only sedan that will be racing at the event. Im actually pretty happy about that. Ill be repping the ef sedans and driving my ass off. Forum Index -> Meets/Car Shows/Events
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