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wiring suggestions

all you guys who have been keeping up with my wiring issue, i think i might have found a solution that isnt going to require me to spend a whole lot on a custom built harness (since i cant find a stock one anywhere to modify correctly). From what i can gather, when you do a obd0 to 1 conversion you need an ecu, 4 wire 02, and a jumper so you can run a obd1 dizzy.

here is my issue, i can run the ecu jumper and then wire up the 02. My harness already has the resistor box removed and i am running obd2 injectors.

the issue is lying in the dizzy. this is what the guy i got it from  spliced in as a main plug.(note i DID NOT DO THIS I GOT THIS, THIS WAY.)

this is a mystery main plug and factory obd0 small plug.

i looked on my da teg (obd1), dizzy plug dont look like this.
i looked at my ek coupe (obd2a) dizzy plug dont look like this.
i looked at a 2000 dc gsr friday (obd2b) and dont look like this either, but on right shock tower is a plug that looked like this, it was a harness plug. So did my friend just splice together some random plug he had laying around?

this is a diagram i found on the different plugs, none of these look like mine.

Back to the point, if i convert to obd1, can i just use a obd1 dizzy and find a harness side pigtail and just splice it into my existing harness, or does it have to have the jumper?

also swapping to obd1 i can use my old roomate's crome software to create a chip that will eliminate my sensor issues.

u can change the harness side plug

cool, ive searched and called fellow honda nerds if they thought it was possible and couldnt get a straight answer. i didnt see why i couldnt, but never hurts to get extra opinions.

I had to cut and splice a new plug onto my engine harness for the Si dizzy, even tho they were both obd0 they are different. Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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