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Wire Tuck/Shaving Engine Bay

Thinking about giving this a go. Any advice or pointers you tucked/shaved guys can give me. That sounds so sus haha.

If you are doing it yourself, be patient.. Make sure you do not cross wires because it will be a PITA to go back and trace it.

What he said ^

To make things easy also, you can get a tucked harness. But that will mainly take care of the engine stuff.  No one sells anything for tucking the fuse box, ac, headlight wires, etc... that you do yourself or have someone who is really familiar with wiring do it. Always solder and shrink wrap, never use those butt connectors. I cannot stress enough how you would need to take your time.

The guy that did mine used these holders that helped him organize the wires and held them to help solder...


Thanks guys. I found someone local that does great work for a reasonable price. Just gonna fork out a little cash to save me from a possible headache.

Aight man,

My advice on this.
I (personally) wouldnt pay anyone to do anything on my car, especially a new build.
Wiring is an interesting thing for sure. A PITA for sure. Im currently working one my wire tuck. Its a great feeling doing it yourself. YOu get a new appreciation for the car, plus you get to know more about the things you will need to get to know in order to reach an enthusiast level. Yes many people pay shops or individuals to do it and they come out GREAT! But, If you want to really get to know your car, do it yourself.

Best way i think to do the harness is to remove the engine completely.
Connect the wires to the sensors individually and cut and extend as you go. Believe it or not, the stock harness is long enough already for a tuck. All you need to do is undo the harness completely and run the wires individually. Cutting and extending is only needed on the IACV and the the sensor on the runners on the mani. I did this in 2010 to another sedan with a b16 and it tucked BEAUTIFULLY!. Shaving is really how YOU want to go about it. Cover the holes you want, shave what you want. Its really your decision.

Hope this helps. and if you need any advice as to how to run wires and stuff let us know!


Thanks for the encouragement, I'm gonna give this a shot. Ime pretty sure I can do it if I take my time. I have a week long vacation from work coming up, so I'll go to work on it... Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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