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will a CRX AC work in my 4 door?

so i recently found someone selling a complete ac system but it came out of a CRX. i need AC in my 4 door and was wondering if i would run into any problems trying to swap it in? if so then what kind of problems would i run into? i'm running a d15b non vtec from 96-00 civics.

That would be the only issue. The bracket, ac compressor, and the lines. Everything else is the same

My motor is gonna give me issues?

EfSedanDX wrote:
My motor is gonna give me issues?

no. but i believe the d15b s are from EGs, so what i meant was the
the bracket from the EF wont fit in your block. so if u use the bracket
from a EG EK, the EF compressor will not fit.

i don't think they're interchangeable, you might find a shop that
makes custom ac lines so u can run the bracket and compressor from
an EG EK,  and all the other stuff from the EF CRX chassis.

The ac from a crx 88-91 with a d engine will fit in a 4th gen sedan.

it would be nice.

I thought they would fit because I have a jdm d15 vtec.from a eg and the ac bracket and ps bracket both fit in thw block I don't think the block changes from the outside. I could be wrong. Good luck on it

after hearing all the info you guys provided, which i appreciated very much, i decided not to try because if it didn't work i'd be out of money or if i had to put more money into it i would of been extremely angry aha. thanks everyone for the information however. Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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