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Wierd Honda Accord

Holler, my buddy from back home, from Russia told me that he got an Accord, i was like sweet send some pictures over.
So, here they are.....

Oversized civic mixed with a 4 door Prelude... what the hell is this, EURO Accord?
Some wierd Acura that goes by Honda sign in Europe?


FUNKY. . looks like a civic of some sort!

that had sex with a prelude Cool

ask him what the engine code is and maybe get a pic of the bay

ill try but cant promise, he is a wierd type of guy

Looks like a car I have seen in gremany.

Misha wrote:
that had sex with a prelude Cool

lol I though the same.

If u see the froNt it looks like a prelude.

Accord Innova.  They had the same lame engines as the CD model of Accord. Forum Index -> Miscellaneous Pics & Vids
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