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Wide Arched My Sedan

Well Kinda Razz

Was reconditioning my friends 15" Equip 01s and before I gave em back I threw them on the sedan for a few pics

They are 8.5" wide with a -19 offset in a 4x114.3 PCD (For his AE86)
To fit them I used a set of 25mm 114.3mm to 100mm adaptors giving me a combined -44 offset Cool

Here they are:

Then used a set of overfenders that I had at home that are broken off my RX7 just layed them on and a 2minute spray job out on the lawn = Wide(ish) arch sedan

Love the look of it might try pic up a set of 14s in a similar fitment off an AE86 and then use the 4x100 centres out of mine so I can run em deep but not out as far getting my custom rear camber arms back this week too so might have more cool pics then Very Happy

Confused I like the idea. So when you actually do this the wheels will or won't be as far out?

Ah this was only for fun but I am concidering of fitting wide 14" Equip 01s and rolling the rear arches and fitting front over fenders..

Ill see what I can pick up and go from there

This is just what happens when we have good weather, longer evenings a a set of cool wheels left outside Laughing
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Sick, I love the idea.

I've always loved those wheels, lol. It'd look awesome if were done seriously and clean. Definitely a great way to burn up some daylight though, lol.

ooohhhhh hott damn thats sexy Forum Index -> Pics & Vids
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