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Whitey II

I'm finally getting a minute to post up some pics. The blurry, shitty pictures were taken with an old crap phone I used to have. But here's my slush box....

The day I bought it. I actually got it from a guy that worked next door to the company I worked at.

I hate red GT-3's so I sold those bitches and picked up some oldschool Riken RTW's.

Then I got tired of the vinyl on the driver door panel burning the shit out of my arm so I took just did away with the top section of vinyl on all of the panels...

Changed rims once again....I love these...wish I hadn't gotten rid of them.

Then fitted some style of DA lip....but it only looked good for a little while...

I've done a shitload more, I just need to find the pictures.

looks good. i gotta say those last wheels look very good even tho they re for newer chassis imo.

I actually like that interior door panels you did.. Really cool!

Then this drunk cocksucker decided to hit the corner of my car....

So I commenced to pulling it apart to fix it...

Figured now was a good time to put my hood spacers on...

And start installing my roof rack....

that sucks

Long story short....

While I was painting this hood (before the accident), I welded in the emblem holes on the trunk. I did the same to the hood, but didn't get any pictures.

I then traded the Drags for these Rota C-10's...fuck I miss these too...


good,nice car.

Lookin good man even after the misfortune of the drunkin idiot I like the door panels and c-10's.

Thanks. since it's my daily driver, I can't do much at once. I'm about to start on the rear sway bar install with welded-in flanged nuts instead of putting long bolts punching into the trunk. Plus I'm  gonna design my own x-brace for either inside the trunk or underneath. I haven't decided.

Just recently, I painted the bumpers. I got a little tired of the LX look. I've always loved the DX look, so I'm slowly going back to it. I just need the door handles now.

The bumper grill was fucked from the accident so I cut it out.

I reinstalled my front plate as well with a bracket I made.

With the rear bumper, I accidentally backed into my neighbors car the night I brought it home. I fixed that when I pulled the rear bumper the same day as the front.

You can see my Yakima basket. I actually use my roof rack and basket. I don't rock it just for looks. It's currently not on my car tho.



Next, I began replacing the clips on the moldings and getting them put back on. I finished all of them, but this is the only pic I have showing them.

I also pulled the dead weight of the sub and box out of my trunk. My amp blew and it sat in there for close to 6 months for no reason. Now I just need to re-re-make the stiff liner for the trunk. I made a completely new one once before, but the end closest to the trunk lid started sagging from the weight of my tools.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Coming together nice.

Thanks, man. I have to admit, it needs paint. I'm going to go with matte white so I can keep it somewhat stock....ish. Forum Index -> Project Logs
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