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Which Clear Corner's will look better??

Just trying to decide which ones to buy, and which will look better overall.  Need the help deciding.

Clear w/Amber Square

Full Clear

The clear w/orange look more real deal stanly than all clear but to each his own

I,prefer clear or the edm 90 91 clear w delete reflector

Clear all around are suppose to mimic the JDM one piece headlights. SO, i guess it depends on what you are going for.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Their both the same.  The first pic just has the bulbs mounted which is why the amber is reflecting.

I would source a pair of real EDM clear corners.

Top ones are better

@ Jon actually it isnt the bulb thats how they are made I have them. Its like a little orange reflector in it
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Really?  Interesting.  I still say go real EDM  Razz

EF Sedan Enthusiast wrote:
Really?  Interesting.  I still say go real EDM  Razz

The only ones I have been able to find are these ones thus far
(Which won't work with mine)
However I'm still looking, if I can't find them I will resort to most likely the all clear, but what do bone stock corners look like on a 91 EDM sedan?  Are they full clear?

What about these?

After scoping out ebay uk, I decided the above link was an awesome deal.  Emailed the guy and asked about shipping to us and total with the cost of shipping I am only paying $40.  Anyways, euro clears is what I went with.


Loving mines, edm with orange reflector cant complain.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Is that real EDM?  I thought they didn't have the black strip at the bottom.

Depo reps, but that black just the back casing just take a dremel and trim it dwn no1 will no unless they are up on yo shit lol

These are what real EDM corners look like, although these are supposed to be for an 88-89 i think.  But you can tell by the the lines in the plastic, they go all the way across the corner lens, as a pose to the fussy looking plastic half.

^^you are correct but my reps look just as good, amd there new .... 88-91 all same shit just need to change pastic clips in fender if u wanna use older corners on a 90-91
Edm is better then all clear any day imo
Dolie ED3

Hmmm im from europe and my oem edm ones dont look like these with the amber inside.they are straight clear. Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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