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Ok, I'm on the fence.. I have a deal lined up for a set of meshies, just waiting on some money to come in. But I'm a pessimist, I can't help but think "what if"   Rolling Eyes

So! I thought I'd ask you guys, since I can't decide myself.. Which wheel do you think would look the best on my sedan?

Meshies(I'll be painting them gunmetal if I get a set);

Red Jizo's

Gunmetal DR-30s

Gunmetal DR-20s


I had a set of meshies on my ek hatch and they looked sick! im saying meshies all day man oem is king!

I too am one for originals... that is just me personally...
But where are you going to take this car? That would be my first question...If you are going for OEM looking but pimping sick oem wheels, then i would save and wait to get something good. There are many sites out there that have great OEM wheels for sale.

I probably wont worry too much for the stock look, but I've seen the way meshies look on 4g4d's, and they are wicked cool. I think the Jizo's would look awesome too if I repainted it the factory color. And the drags (in my opinion) are just badass, period, lol.

Thanks for the input guys, seeing as the meshies are the cheapest I will probably go that route anyway.. Just cant decide  Confused

Hey guys I'm from Costa Rica, I havent seen this type of wheels around and I love the look on the cars that I have seen on the forum. Now, how much could cost me a set of these wheels, where is the cheapiest place that I could get it?

By away, I have never seen a page with such as great EF cars, congratulations all of you for all your rides:P

Alright, bare with me for the noob question guys. This is my first wheel purchase for my EF, I was just wondering, what would be an ideal offset to minimize rubbing? I don't intend to lower my car anymore (pics can be seen in project log).

But anyway, assuming I buy a 15x7 wheel, running a 195/50 tire, what would the optimal offset be? If rolling the fender is a necessity I can do it but if theres any chance I can get away with it I'd be very pleased.

Let me know guys, thanks a ton! Finally talked my wife into a set of wheels I just gotta save the $$
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