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Type-S EF

Wheel offset, What works best??

Im looking at some Kosi K1 TS and tire rack has 2 offsets avaiable
17x7 +38
17x7 +42

Help? they are light, under $200 so i figured they would be good track wheels

between +35 and +38 is right but dont go with the 17s they are to big you wont be able to run much of a tire with those not to mention how they will be heavier with more mass towards the outside of the wheel so they will take more power to spin. The biggest you should go is 16 but I recomend 15s because they clear the fenders better.
Type-S EF

well, i had some other 17's for a while no problem, and have some 18's that don't rub anymore. as far as light, i thought just over 14 pounds wasnt bad, but thanks, i'll keep that in mind, i was planning on my 15's to be winter (13" wont clear my NSX brakes)
17" to be track
18" to be summer

I know mass tward the outside of an object give it more inertia as far as rotation, but i wasnt planning to track competitively, so i would rather be a little slower and have better turn in. which hondas are known to be exelent at because of their suspension design, they give up feeling of center for it.
as far as right now i have 2 sets of 15, maybe i should ditch them, the odd 2 17's and get a set of 16"

Only reason i was leaning tward 17 was a 205 40 17 is a cheep tire size compaired to 205 40 16 or 215 40 16

I just dont see why people like large wheels... Its just not me.

If you're looking for cheap tires I got my Kumho ecsta SPTs for $54 each sized 205/50/15. They're vr speed rated and have a tread wear of 340. They're a high performance summer tire though so no snow or heavy rain or cold but they're great tires.
Type-S EF

i swear i saw those at $60 a tire, well i got direzzas same size right now, shipped to my door $174 after rebate im not complaning, probably going to use them to drift as they are on the harder side and suck in the wet, i've had my eyes on the SPT's.....also a set of MX for the road course

I'm running Axis OG Oldskool 15x8" 4x100 +25 offset wrapped in 195/45 r15's.   Very rare tire size, only 4 brands make them,  Nexxen, Toyo, Michelin and Kumos.  But all have to be special ordered.  I'll make a build thread of my own and post up my pictures when I get my coilovers on.  The rim it self sticks out 1 inch off the finder line on stock height so there will be rubbing.  But the good thing is that I've got a 4 inch gap between the tire and fender.  So when I drop it its gonna be low.  What I did notice off the bat is that the stock DX blades wheels and tires are about 1 inch taller than my 195/45 r15's.

15x7 or 15x8 +13, +15, +20, +25 is best looking on any 88-91 civic/crx.But then again that is just my opinion.

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