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Whats the best SOHC to build for boost

I have a 89 sedan still dpfi was going B-series but everyone has b and talks trash bout single cams so imma build one for boost but not sure if i should do z6 full swap turbo or y7z6 head turbo or y8z6 turbo but overall looking for dd at least 200hp but i want more Tq than anything. Any ideas
Edison Carasio

I have never turbo'd one but I would probably do a D16A6 turbo build if I had to.

There are a.countless amount of sohc's you can build, all depends on if your really building the motor or just using a stock bottom end and top end you have the  jap spec d15b vtec found in the vti civic models, you have the d16a6 which is found in the ef's si models, d16z6 vtec found in the 92-95 si models, and or the d16y8 vtec found in the 96-00 ex models. There are so.many to choose from all very good motors when really built not just slap on a turbo. They all perform really well when on boost and are stock just make sure to get a very good tune and you should be fine. Hope this helps.

I would build a d16a6 turbo if I was staying single cam. Then you can say its stock motor and non vtec and the surprise them with the turbo lol


Thanks for the info i started this build and i went with z6 and so far i got CP pistons and eagle h beam rods arp studs eagle sleeve for the block and n couple weeks sending motor to get port and polished and bored. then adding a 75 shot of nos running a t3 ebay turbo rebuild with garret internals. looking for 350 dd  Very Happy Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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