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Whats Good oem wheels on a EF Sedan

Im a huge fan for oem wheels and I would like to hear everyone elses thoughts on what you think looks good or would look good on our EF sedans and please post pics if you can thanks guys.

Ive seen a set of these for sale in my area and I honestly havent seen a EF sedan with them yet but I think they would look pretty good slammed out but maybe it's just me lol.

VW Le Castellets

These are avaliable local as well ive never heard of them but I really like them. They are 16"  Niche Gefel's


The first set is pimp


Those kinda look like the DA GsR rims. em1 si rims look nice n simple on ef or the 03 civic fin rims look decent.

Do you have any pics of the 03 civic rims on a sedan by chance and I agree em1's are a good choice. I might just have to pick this cheap set of castellets up and give them a shot. Forum Index -> Suspension/Brakes/Wheels/Tires
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