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What would you do to your ef with 3k

I want to do a swap or turbo i have a y7 but im looking for a dd around 200-230hp. should i boost a single or buy a b swap and possibley turbo that to. Or i was gonna save some more and do a J-swap but im not sure how hard and exspensive dat would be jus let me kno what you guys think



I would get my car painted its minty OEM Frost White color!
New moldings/seals all around, then some Mugen m7's!!! or
some BBS RS!

Probably some decent coilovers if I had enough   Shocked

89ef2. Lol and Towlie sounds good

My girl has a accord coupe with the J-series in it and it has some ass to it when you punch it..... my dream woud be a ef sedan with a J-SWAP and leave it automatic... call me lazy but I don't like shift my slowass d15b2..... awesome on gas but just plain slow


I feel you on that j swap but i wonder how much it would cost to drop the swap in because ive seen the motors go for like 800 not sure about tranny i would imagine alot of time and mods to get in and prob custom motor mounts but overall sounds good if i can get it swaped for around 3k that would b nice if not i might go b20v turbo for the time being

The J's can be purchased very cheap, but it's the trans that is hard to find. It has to come from either an accord or Cl type-s(if you want it to be manual). Then of course you have to either make or buy mounts(hasport makes some). I'm not 100% sure what you would do for axles, but these swaps have been done so with some research it's do able. If you are creative enough you can do it!

There was an article in honda tunning about the swap in a crx.... hasport has the mounts for high mount or lower mount.... I just think it looks sicks when its popped out of the hood.... gives it a tough look.... who needs a jdm front when all you see is the valve covers and intake!!!!!

Check this out

Yea i did some research and found this

The swap is cool.... but definately not feeling the paint

LOL yea paint can go but jturbo i bet that girl flys
alarm guru

yea with 3000 that will get you the longblock and tranny. my friend did the swap in an EG back in virginia. you need the shifter box -300-500, the mounts - 500-700, cable to hydro conversion kit - 500, there is also alot of cutting involved with the swap not to mention the 500 youll spend for an ecu, another 250 for under dash wiring and 250 more for an engine harness and those lovely 700 dollar axles and 200 dollar cl spindles.i was going to follow in his footsteps and do a j swap as well to be different but when i added up 6500 not including fluids and what i would have to pay friend for help.......i bought a b20 for 650 shipped to my door and im ordering a turbo kit for 2000 and im paying 400 bucks for a tune thats 3150 for the same power a j swap makes if not more.


Were did u get b20 and what kind of tranny also do u need axles i was thinking b20v turbo also were u getting your turbo kit

with 3 gs id spend 400 to paint my sedan and put the other 2600 in my monte carlo luxury sport....  would love to have that thing done to sell it

At 3000

Id get the B16 I have and all the auxelleries off the EE9 in and running on ITBs, get a respray and then just some other random fun bits Cool

I I had 3k to spend in general Id get a Torino Red EF hatch and run it on a simple SOHC Turbo setup, chargespeed spoiler, J's Lip and lowered on coilovers

d16a6 swap, fresh paint, ls meshies black spider red lip, full tint, stiffer struts.. id say that would put me somewhere in the neighborhood of $3,000 lol

For 3gs I would probably get a Z6 swap, build the head, possibly turbo, tune and if enough left get some jdm goodies lol. Either that or just go lsv boosted lol

I am doing a build right now and 3k wont get you as far as you would think. A good paint job is at least 2500 unless you got the hook up and good set of wheels and coilovers 1200-2500 (depending on the wheel choice. Ef2 front end 1200 plus shipping. Forget about J, K, H swap and you could turbo but you wouldnt have much left over if you did it right.

The whole: Cheap, Reliable, Fast --- Now Pick two!, applies. You dont get by this statement not even if you have people giving you stuff trust me.

If I had 3k and handnt done anything to my car yet It would go to either paint or suspension/wheels.

MattyJ (ask any of the heavy hitters in hear and they'll tell you)

Very very true. Cheap and fast aint reliable and fast n reliable aint cheap. Even with good hook ups you MIGHT be able to get a D or B swap with a few mods and decent suspension/wheels. I got my wheels, tires and coilovers for just under 800 from a friend and I am getting a Z6 with all new gaskets and rings with 190k for $400. Thats not including tranz n clutch. But swapping the motor in will cost here and there, you always end up needing something even when you think you have everything lol

I'd freshen up a z6 and probably forged internals and build a turbo kit. Not a difficult swap and can easily hold down your power goals reliably. Even a fresh stock z6 with headstuds and a decent turbo kit can easily make ur hp goal. And can be done on the cheap side.

for 3 thousand? I would get me a coin tray, Replace the seals in the trunk, get some keizer 4l's with sticker hoosier a6's. new bushings for the whole car, new bumpers, and some paint to make the car look nice Smile
Oh, and a nice catback exhaust that's lightweight!

3gs ftw ... easy goin on turbo my d16a6, oldskool-look finalized and stay straight clean to get it a sleeper for the german "autobahn" ... to chase some exotics or sportcars ^^

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