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What made you fall in love with the 88-91 sedans?

It's always fun finding out what makes people gravitate to these beautiful sedans.  So what's your story?

As for me, I was about 12 when I first fell in love and promised myself that I would someday own one.  My friends older brother was a bass head and his crew consisted of 3 guys.  One of them owned a 90/91 white LX.  It was completely slammed on some chrome 17"s with a system that would rattle your brains.

Edit:  I reached out to Dennis recently looking for a picture, no dice but he did clarify that it was on 17" Momo wheels.  Couldn't remember the exact name.

I was 14. And this guy at the cruise had a 88-89 blurple sedan. It had a ZC
slammed On steelies. With nitrous. It was different, fast, and sleeper. All
at the same time. So when I turned 15 I bought my first car, a 89 civic
sedan. But sold it and went thru cars til I found my car. But yea that
blurple sedan was my inspiration.

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And now I just have my baby

Mine was 2 years ago, when i saw a 1989 white civic lx. it was and is in terrible condition, and is still sitting in the same spot. i was immediatly drawn to it and i would like to get it as my first car. If you want to hear more about look at my last post.

My tastes always move back and forth but I always loved the clean lines and interior of the EF. Hatches and crxs are too expensive. So I looked at the sedans and the more I did, the more I fell in love. So I just bought one and it's an amazing thing to drive Smile I smile  every time  I start her up.

And to be more specific i'm in love with the front end. The hood lines turn me on.

EF's have been in my family when I was a little kid. My dad had a EF hatchback and my mom had a EF wagovan. This guy down the street had a slammed ef sedan that I liked alot and ive always wanted four doors so the sedan works out perfect.

A friend of mine had a 91 lx back in 1992-3 with wheels and a few things done to it.. I fell in love with the fact it had 4 doors and it was comfortable for long skate trips.  I looked for the same thing, found one but it was out of my price range.. the guy at the dealership said i can get an 89 for a little less.. The rest is history. I still have the sticker that was on the glass when i got the car. Picked it up for close to $4000.00 back in 1994 (My current 1989 lx). Everything worked, ac, radio, ran like a dream.. Always loved the boxy look.. At one point, there were three of us that all had 88-91 civic sedans. It was the perfect skate car. Pack friends and had great gas mileage. I have a picture somewhere of us three.. Lemme see if i can find it. Smile

It was 08 I went to an EF meet with my EG not knowing anything about any car. I saw a white sedan slammed on XXR 513s and immediately fell in love. I sold my EG that night to someone that offered me 2000 for it. Probably not a good idea seeing as i didnt have a car for work for like 2 weeks lol. That didnt stop me. i took the bus for that time until someone had a sedan for sale. It was grey on steelies, so i slammed it on SIs ( there is a picture in the new to site thread) My love for these cars has gotten stronger and stronger since.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

This is all good stuff  Very Happy

I fall more in love with it everyday. Everything about it is so sexy lol.

The sexy curvatiousness lol (even tho there are no curves) My car to me no longer has a front end, it has a face lol

That's love  Cool

Indeed it is my brotha, indeed it is

Love hate relationship sometimes... but its like family member... you can't pick your family... haven't drivin it in months and need to put my front end together  but couldn't part with it... too much time invested Forum Index -> General Discussion
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