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what kind of front end is this

hey guys i wanted know what kind of fron end this was im not to sure, also i have 91 sedan ex and i noticed that grills were diferent (the grill between the hood and the bumper filler) anyone kno where i can get one?

Thats a full JDM front end one piece headlights, different bonnet, wings etc

Pretty rare over there

that is nice..

Shame that car was parted out... What a good looking sedan

That is the complete JDM front...  Shocked
great looking car... Hope it is in good hands again?

how much do they run????

Complete? Anywhere from $1100.00 to $1500.00.
That also does not include shipping at times.
Hard to come by now a days... Shocked


I could ship ye in one off my 35xt in Ireland for that money.. Shipping would be most of the price on it but could look into it if there was genuine interest...

Any suggestions for shipping as it would be a very very awkward to package

I got lucky to find one here in cali. For 600 Smile with fogs

EF2dudesocal wrote:
600 Smile with fogs

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