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what do you think about this on a ef?

what do you think about this on a ef?  dont really see its rare. it aint jdm. dont look too riced out.


ill post a few more my computer is runnin slow. you'll trip out on the motor!

I saw this a few years back. . pretty funky. . . Shocked

Something different. I bet it would handle well.

heres some more on that ef ....

yes it sohc

on a crx


they should have had taillights made by quads

top it off with the transparent gas lid.

they should have made a kit like the rwd beat.

wish this was here too

honda pick up truck no smog needed

OLD, and UGLY, but man.. I want a beat sooo bad  Crying or Very sad

The non convertible kits look like crap. Just looks like a riced CRX.

Me too Rwd honda beat nice to be og in ur town,,,, one of bro friend had the jdm front on dc ( they called it type r front end back then. 1995) they would say kinda of honda is that, same goes for the r32 people went out to buy disposable cameras to take pic of back in 2000

wow i kinda like it Forum Index -> Miscellaneous Pics & Vids
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