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what car are these wheels from? old school?

a friend of mine got these when he bought his eg coupe and left them for me in my house...was wondering if they came of a sedan of ef vintage....was considering stripping and polishing....


do they fit on 4x100mm?

they look like accord wheels.

they fit my civic coupe and sedan so i would say they are 4x100

yeah, they're 4x100 then.

i'm not sure what they come factory on.

They  look like the wheels from like a 93 accord

they look similar i guess but not as shiny...i did a google search and only found small pics of the cars with wheels on them cant get a close look but they look a bit least to me

I seen those rims they usually come on the se accords,, 88 below accord are 4x100 the pop up head lights like 91 prelude are 4x100

HA HA this is like name that wheel!!!! we should start one of those threads lol

For sure from and Accord, possibly a 93.

yes, they are from Accord, early 90s Forum Index -> Suspension/Brakes/Wheels/Tires
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