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what all am I looking at? where to start?

hey guys, I just got my first car, a 91 dx
I'm looking to lower it for the summer and do a number of things...

but where do I start? i hear function n form coilovers are pretty darn good and a decent price. to be honest i'm not sure what prices range from.
what other things do I need to be looking at when it comes to lowering and wheels? I know next to nothing about camber, wheel spacers, etc..

should I be looking to get something like[url]



I'd like to buy quality parts, but i dont plan on track driving this car.. and obviously I need to learn what I need to get, price out the right things and get the money before I start =)

thanks for the support!

I hear people say you dont need a camber kit as long as you get a good alignment but I thnk for the amount of money I spend on tires I want to use as much of the tire as I can.  There are cheaper ways to adjst font camber but I personaly like my skunk 2's.  As for the rear since you dont plan to track the car you can just add washers to the bolts that mount the inner bushing on the upper control arm.

There are two bolts one on each side of the upper control arm you can only see one in this photo.

I hope this helps.

hm, okay so help me understand;
with the camber kit ( ie.  skunk2) I'd be able to get more out of my tires? because I could align it  better?

I gotta lift up my car and actually learn these parts.. heh i'm not totally fluent on what's what.

for my rear, i could just use stock setup (except for the new coilovers) and add the washers?

Correct, lowering any car will cause negitive camber which mean the top of the tire will lean in toward the center of the car.  This will cause your tires to ware on the inside edge by adding a camber kit you will be able to adjust your camber.   This will allow you to stand your tires up will put more tire on the ground allowing more life out of the tire.  As for the rear you will use your stock setup with the exception of the washers an your choice of coilovers.

awesome! thanks for explaining, I bet i could convince a mechanic to show me how to use the alignment machine at work.

I've done some looking.. and was wondering more about wheels..

so offset on a wheel is essentially the center... positive being closer to the outside of the wheel, and negative being closer to the inside (more lip!!)

with this in mind, setting up camber and wheel fitment correctly is probably more than a little bit of work. ( camber plates? wheel spacers? )

what things are involved in this? I definitely want my civic to have some good stance, but i do want to learn =)
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Get revo technica upper camber arms. Dont pay 400 bucks for skunks bro. Only reason i have skunk pro s coils is because i got a crack head deal on them. Just google the revos. There like 175 and look and work the same as skunks without the price

thanks for the heads up, i'll definitely look into the different options!
going to do a wheel alignment this week, pretty stoked! the shop foreman is going to show me how it all goes down =)
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Dont get one without a warranty because your supposed to get one anytime you mess with the suspension. Mine came with a one year warranty. Ive taken it back twice already for changiing suspension parts Forum Index -> Suspension/Brakes/Wheels/Tires
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