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Weird dome light issue

Pretty sure I didnt have the issue before....1990 DX, just switched to a CRX Si cluster.

Dome light now stays on when the car is off. When I start it it goes off....dosnt seem to be related to the doors.

Any ideas?

remove the light

do you know if the pin outs are the same?

It plugged in, lol. Ill try and dig up some diagrams.

maybe you just need to switch up some wires.

So im not finding anything, but I think its linked to the seatbelt light.

A I think theres an issue because it so damn bright, the actual light on the cluster, like its missing its color..anyone else on here with an si cluster want to chime? Mines just white light color.

Second, the seatbelt light is triggered not by the lap-belt but by the emergency release of the seatbelt.

Im still at a loss but there has to be a solution...

On another note, when my key is in halfway, like not on but not started but the first click so my stereo is on, it beeps. The car not the stereo, pretty sure thats the seatbelt beep and I dont remember it before but maybe im wrong? Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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