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Weddings Geeeez

Hey guys so this weekend is my moms wedding. And her house is well a mad house. Got younger sisters being rude to her. And on top of that gotta give the toast as the best man and I havent even wrote it yet. Its crazy. I just wanna go and take a drive to my favorite spot to chill and just feel free. But with my broken leg and the snow all over the place that cant or wont happen.

What do you guys like to do when times are tough and need to just mellow out?

Number #1 for me is to go out in one of my Honda's and drive my fun curvy roads bouncing off the rev limiter, and such.

Or I'll kick back, and have a nice cigar and something good to drink depends whats in the house or what my buddies have.

Those are my two favorite things really for relaxing. Sometimes for me just working on my car will do wonders.

Take a drive somewhere remote...(take my mt. bike with me) park and hit some trails...that or go skateboarding at a local free park.. Smile

Yeah same here got a spot in town cruises by the water front so i can get the slow drive then it leads right to the long stretch of bridge that I can really get on the car in.

But as of right now me and the groom to be are just kickin back while we toss a few back. Its so relaxing.

I like the bike or board idea. Cause i do that on a regular. with the ipod in the ears. Forum Index -> General Discussion
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