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Wanna Boooost

I wanna boost my Dx this summer. Its just the stock 1.5Liter. I was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere to get a good turbo set for a decent price. I plan to set up a z6 swap to as well. Any help would be great. Thanks Everyone!

One of the guys I went through auto tech with slapped a $600 T3/T4 kit from Ebay on his 88 CRX. It was tuned at 11 PSI and ran great for about 80k then developed some shaft play. He rebuilt it with Garrett guts for $90 and had it re-tuned at 14PSI... still driving it to this day.

Im debating picking up a B2 bottom end for next to nothing and rebuilding it with all stock internals for a 7PSI daily driver. Doing the labor yourself you'd probably have less than $1k in a complete rebuild, turbo setup, and gaskets. Assuming you went with one of the ebay kits. Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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