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vtec swap

i am ordering my new motor tomorrow. i am ordering a D15B vtec. and i plan on posting pics as soon as i start the swap.

congrats good luck on the transplant what ecu are you going to run?

a chipped pm6. no o2 sensor, and no knock senor. im looking into Zdyne ecu?

you could run a stock p28 map if your d15b is stock or mildly built. but the chipped pm6 will work. ( if you already have the pm6 )

will you be remaining obd 0 ?  cuz the pm6 is an obd0 ecu.

are you sending the ecu out?

or having a shop do it?

will you be tuning on the dyno or on the fly?

i have a pm6 ecu, i have a D16a6 in my car now, im sending it out to get chipped. yes im staying obd 0, there are really no import shop around muskogee, i dont want to drive 5 hours to okc. so im sending it out. i might dyno it if i can find a place close to me.


i ordered my motor today from Hmotorsonline, but it on back order till middle march. and for the a6 thats in my car now im going to build it. (high compression!!! But thats a different thread for later this year.)


is this  new engine a Jdm D15B?  is it dual carb?  because correct me if im wrong, but i think that legit jdm d15b's are obd1 unless they are dual carb.

any reason why your staying obd0?  other than the fact that you have a pm6?

i would just get a p28, a wideband o2, and run chrome and data log it myself...   tune it on the fly.

what are your plans for the d15b?  mild set-up?   if you stay mild enough you can run a stock p28 map, but that would involve converting to obd1.

im not sure how proficient you are at wiring, but i was able to make my own jumper harness to convert from obd0 to obd1. i just got the plugs from the junkyard and de-pinned them.  then i ran the wires as needed.  it was time consuming but in the end i didnt have to buy a conversion harness, and its the same, if not better than what you would buy.

this is just my advice,

obd1 is much easier to tune.

yes it is a jdm d15b and no its not dual carb. yes it is obd 1. im staying obd 0 bc i like knowing what my ecu is doing if theres a code, i just look at the light and count, easy. i am going to send my pm6 to Zdyne and get it chipped by them. wiring it would be no problem bc i have did the dpfi to mpfi wiring and i have rewired obd 1 and obd 2 cars, i just dont want to be obd 1, maybe in the future but mot right now. i have a obd 0 to obd 1, and a obd 0 and obd 2 jumper harness that i have made. wiring is easy.

you understand that when you check codes on obd1 that its the check engine light that flashes as opposed to the light on the ecu?

if you have no codes, you can leave the orange & blue wires connected ( i have spade connectors on mine )  and if you get a code you will know right away because your check engine light will be flashing in your face.

just something to think about, and as i said earlier, its going to be harder to tune your car if its obd0 + you had mentioned that you were going to run w/o an O2 sensor?   My $.02: at least get a wideband and datalog your ecu yourself after you get a good base tune.

no im going to delete the o2 sensor so it wont affect my fuel. and i can get a chipped PS9 and it was datalogging.

thats cool man,  it is your choice and your project.  keep us updated.

i will, im getting a brand new free clutch, from a friend, and when my motor gets here i will buy new cv joint, and all that stuff.

*update* motor will arrive in 3 weeks. i cant wait!


i got the motor and have been busy. the only thing left it to change to driver side motor mount coolant, oil, and run my wiring harness i made. i am going to run obd1 with a p28 till i can get a p08.

motor  out

empty hole

new motor in

just need to change the mount


I got the mount changed and got it wired up. i stated it today and it sounded so great! A month without my car sucked. just have to put tranny fluid in and i can test drive it. i can hardly wait.


its alive i got to drive it today! i got to get used to a stage 2 clutch. havent hooked up my p28 yet to test vtec yet, but that will to tonight.

Re: Update!

ed3_4dr wrote:
its alive i got to drive it today!

Such a good feeling eh Smile

you have no idea! i love my D15B.

looks like a clean swap, know it will pay off

this is what it looks like finished

and sometime today im going to hook up a p28 and see if vtec woks.

Nice...... Fire it up!

i haven't stopped drive my car since i finished the swap. next step is to get a new hood and fender so i can get a sticker and rep the squad! Forum Index -> Project Logs
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