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voiding the warranty

So i have been running F&F type one coil overs for about 6 months and i enjoy them, no complaints, other than i have them set as low as they go and after changing wheels and tires to 195/50/15 it raised the car about a quarter inch.

To get back to where i was i have a interesting idea. I am a CNC machinist and have access to some very cool toys, I was thinking of taking the coil overs out and making some fixtureing to mount them in one of my Okuma Lathes and machining off the threaded end by about 1 inch maybe less maybe more. I would be able to take these shocks to a new level.

The shocks have about 2 inches between the very lowest ride height setting and the bottom spring nuts and since there type one's i never have to change my spring rate. I would have to pull/roll fenders, and get camber kits, but i think this is a very doable thing.

What's the question? Whether what you're planning on doing is going to void their warranty? Yes.

Are you machining more thread onto the body of the shock so you can mount the springs lower?

no question just posting a idea i was thinking about

not adding more thread, in a sense im thinking of shorting the shock

kinda forgot about this thread, but it will not work at all, cutting the shock body is a very bad idea and after pulling them out and taking a close look at them and the way they are made, cutting is just not a option. Forum Index -> Suspension/Brakes/Wheels/Tires
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