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VAG Show Pics

There was a German and Classic car show on in Limerick yesterday, it the closest city to me (around 20mins away)..
Heres a few pics I took from the day, some stunning cars there and great weather:happy)

Ze Germans

Non German

A cheeky DA6 from the carpark
Very Happy

Was sickenes I didnt bring the sedan.. Would have looked very good in there too.. Ah well theres always next time


Did you just say vag lol.

VAG = Volkswagen Audi Group, an obsolete name (1978-1992) of the current Volkswagen Group (Volkswagen AG).

nice pictures

Thanks for the good explination Mattes Cool

Yea steve thats it, dont come to europe looking for VAG.. You'll be dissapointed Laughing

lol. Forum Index -> Miscellaneous Pics & Vids
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