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v3.0 89 lx redux

hello all, hope you enjoy. this is my first ever attempt at a ground up build. i plan to have many obsticles in my path to EF sedan goodness. hopefully i'll get by with a little from my new friends  Very Happy
i bought this 89 lx from a friend after wrecking my 90si.

so it came with a couple mods, like a brand new VIS carbon hood and the blue interior was swapped for black. also a CRX Si dash, as well as a rear disc conversion. all of which i helped to install while my buddy owned the car. as bad as wrecking my Si was fortunately none of the parts were damaged so i'm able to start with hardly used Skunk2 FUCA's, RLCA's(gold) and rear camber arms. also brand new Koni yellows with GroundControl coilovers and top hats at all 4 corners.

i had a brand new InovativeMounts V.2 traction bar but it's now a $350 paper weight due to the accident with the Si  Sad i started by completely stripping the car inside and out.

thats the B16 coming out, making room for my lightly built jdm dohc ZC w/ CRX Si trans.

don't mind the valve cover it needs repolished

now from the start i planned for this to be a "summer car" so i've deleted heat and AC, freeing up space to tuck the battery and wiring in the bay. then i decided i wanted to shave and smooth the engine bay as well so i could re-paint it fresh white.

so within about a month i've gotten it down to this. i still need to fill holes but she's almost ready... i'll keep you all posted as i go along. thanks for any help, advise, comments or critique. also if there are any questions i could answer just holler  Very Happy

nice progress is that black interior? or dark gray interior?

it's black vinyl with grey cloth inserts. it's been a while but we pulled it out of a red sedan in a junk yard. we got lucky because the door pannels were mint! we also were able to get the black door sills and a couple other odds and ends. so the CRX dash would look ok and match the doors we painted the upper grey portion black using Dupli-Color interior vinyl/trim paint. before we painted it we used an aerosol based adhesion promoter. it turned out pretty good i suppose.

clean job it looks oem

thanks, i don't want to change a whole lot but just clean it up a bit. thanks for the comment. i probably should've taken pics with the dash in before i started pulling everything out...  Embarassed

I really like where this is headed.

thanks SP33, my immediate plans are to price and size my hoses and fittings for fuel and brakes. i want to use all black Earls hoses and fittings. as well as an Earls in-line fuel filter and hose set. i don't know wether or not i should hide all of it inside the cabin or leave it out there so everyone can see their sexyness... Wink  what do you all think? the car will be all white and black... i love the panda look. but i haven't a clue as to what wheels i want to use or what sizing. they'll definately be 15's but that's about as far as i've gotten... wheel choice is so hard  Confused
EF Sedan Enthusiast

i'm really looking forward to following this build.

well i didn't really do a whole lot with the car this past week. but i did strip the front lower control arms down to bare metal. need to press out the old bushings and reinstall the new Mugen bushes. then i'll be Mugenifyed bushing wise front and rear, woo hoo! i'll post pics tomorow Smile

looks to be an awesome build..cant wait to see its outcome!

i hope to see this driv(e)able by july.  keep up the good work. and pics. Forum Index -> Project Logs
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