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USDM massive build! (89 civic sedan)

whats up everyone?i love EF's been in love with them since 15 ive owned a sedan,hatchback, crx and wagon. my first sedan was in a accident and was salvaged. i still had the urge to build a sedan and decided to get one again.i was constantly looking for a sedan but trying to find a minty one that wasn't modded or beat up was the difficult part. My buddy told me to go check out his cousins sedan and told him that i was willing to buy the third owner. its a 1989 DX automatic with 298,169 miles. original miles too! it came with the original owners manual with all paperwork to the maintenance since 1989 and was garaged all its life. enough blabbing here are some pictures.

/179136_463026223785848_311638922_n.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo 179136_463026223785848_311638922_n.jpg"/></a>


This thing looks fresh, what r the plans for it.

Fresh indeed^^.

I wish I could fins a super mint 1st owner sedan also.
There are many out here but none for sale Sad
what are your initial plans for her?

Lucky pickup. Good luck with the ride.

Looks clean man.

Super clean. I found a one owner car but I didn't have my truck sold yet. Glad you got such a fresh start.

okay guys! sorry for taking forever on the update was so caught up working and parts hunting  Laughing
i appreciate everyones compliments! hope you guys enjoy my build as much as i do!
the plans for this car is to restore it with OEM honda accessories and keep her as minty as possible.
so on to the good stuff!
are these rare or optional? they came with the car but ive noticed not all sedans have them.

heres some more exterior photos

here she is getting washed up

even her tailights shine!


i need to lower her asap!

heres the interior! sorry for some of the bad pics sun was in the way front seats need to be cleaned and im going to hopefully try and find a cleaner driver seat since theres a rip on it

stock radio still works lights up perfect and the cassette works like a champ.

door panels are pretty clean except the driver side it needs to be cleaned up and washed.

okay so now here are her flaws! some of the tiny stuff that bugs me! i kno i kno its not that bad! but still bugs me
this blue stain on the dash i cant take off any good ideas?

the broken vent

the ebrake cover is ripped

looks pretty clean

okay so now on to the good stuff! here are the parts ive bought for her so far!  Cool
picked up a couple EF sedan floormats
here are my blue mats going to wash em up and only use them for shows until i find a mint set!

heres the beater set!

heres a set i found at a local yard! they need a good wash and there good to go!

USDM ef sedan lower center console
missing ashtray, missing pocket, cigarette lighter doesnt work.

USDM ef optional equalizer

USDM ef optional armrest
i need to reupholster the top

honda access rear luggage rack
im missing the 3rd brakelight so this will have to wait to be installed

DA 90-93 integra front lip
i plan to clean it up and repaint it

OEM ef sedan hoodbra

also found the ebrake cover at my local yard!

look at the difference!

installed the armrest and EQ with my lower console

then i painted it blue

heres a close up
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Awesome!  I love the direction you're heading in.
boosted ef2

Shocked Wow lotta nice parts u have there.And nice car

Where did u get the blue interior paint for the console?

Cool stuff.

That's a quick pick up on those parts. I'm dig.  Cool

OK! im jealous! nice sedan! and out of curiousity where do you get the OEM hood bra? (i asume a honda dealership?) and what is honda access a website or something? where can one get the luggage rack? Very Happy  Confused  Laughing

tenkaracole wrote:
OK! im jealous! nice sedan! and out of curiousity where do you get the OEM hood bra? (i asume a honda dealership?) and what is honda access a website or something? where can one get the luggage rack? Very Happy  Confused  Laughing

'Honda Access' is just the brand given to the OEM accessories.

Love it

Oh! Embarassed

@efsedanenthusiast    thanks!  i appreciate it!
@boostedef2 the paint is called SEM shadow blue you must spray lightly and take your time overall the paint matches the OEM blue
@sp33 thanks!  Laughing
@89ef2  thanks i was holding on to some of this stuff waiting till i found a nice sedan!
@tenkaracole i bought the OEM hoodbra off a page on facebook called rare EF parts. i have been looking for one for over a year now and once i saw it for sale i jumped on it.  Cool

Thanks! Very Happy  just curious!

okay so i know i havent been on here for a while. sorry from now on i will update pics and progress alot more frequent. okay so here are a couple more pics of the sedan.

i installed the luggage rack. heres a couple pics.

took her to the carwash! cleaned her original paint up!

took her to get a new viper alarm installed. safety first.

and heres a couple random pics.

trying to scratch and win some money for parts.hahahah.

pumping gas again in beautiful sandiego in the summer

me and my buddys crx.


okay okay i know.. to many photos but no progress lol.
heres wheres where the fun begins.
my plan for this car is to make a USDM build. keep its clean with honda accessories.

okay so enough of the reading on to more pics.
these are the parts ive gathered up for my sedan.
took me a while to source alot of these parts.

brand new optional USDM hoodbra

cigarette block off

usdm optional ex sedan exhaust dualtip
when i first bought it was really dirty

started cleaning the exhaust up, took alot of patience and scrubbing lol

almost finished. after having it sit there for about 3 weeks. cleaning it up little by little.

picked up a brand new honda ashtray for my lower console was tired of seeing my sun damaged ashtray.

picked up honda "OK" decal new
brand new ashtray
usdm optional fender bras, as you can see they need work. i will be taking them to get restitched.

BNIB daisy blinds. these were by far one of the hardest things to source!

stupid clean, closest thing to BNIB, my honda access sedan window visors

honda access momo wheel!

hoodbra and wheel combo!

the triple trio. the must have parts i needed.

i gathered up these parts and never installed them up until this week due to work being really busy.

first i fixed my radio and finally plugged in my EQ.

i put the brand new ashtray and cig block off on

next my sedan took off! into the air! im kidding. i was getting the exhaust installed!

its finally on! i love how the dualtip looks! its also alot more of a quiet ride!

then i cleaned up the visors took of the old tape glue and was ready to put them on. dont mind the mess  the car was dirty that day.

the car also hit 300k a while ago. now its at 305k

got the luggage rack brakelight. testfitting it not installed yet.

getting the hoodbra ready to go on! this is the beater bra. i only use the new one for shows/special occasions

then i picked up these!
heroes racing fins!
need to get them refinished

one last pic i took of everything piled up

a couple more pics with most of the honda accessories on

interior shot

then i put on the brand new hoodbra.

thats about it for now, still gathering more parts and hoping to have my rims on very soon.

awesome man, SEM makes a blue thats almost a perfect match for the EF blue interiors. Im pretty sure its called shadow blue; car looks amazing!

Cars come a long way. Looks good! Very Happy
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Good stuff dude!  Those wheels are going to be awesome once they're restored.  Next on your to-do list should be to remove all of the trim and bumpers to bring them back to life.

89ef2 wrote:
Cars come a long way. Looks good! Very Happy


love the wheels

I swear i saw this for sale recently
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Don't think so Steve.

okay guys sorry for the delay on my progress, works been really busy and has left me no time to update. so on to the progress!

a early morning picture! i usually dont use the brand new hoodbra but this day was a exception!

this is by far my favorite picture of my car she looks so stock!
Very Happy

went to a local car meet just for kicks.

took a couple more pictures before some big changes are made enjoy!

got a package in the mail! its my honda accessory phone! i still havent found a way to get it to make calls, a friend of mine said he knows how but hes busy 24/7 so im hoping he can help.

all of this was ready to go on!

i quickly installed the phone! heres some pictures!

i also purchased a BNIB EF sedan honda access rear rubber trunkmat! opened it up just need to clean out my trunk before it goes on.

another package that came in the mail! my honda firstaid kit!

just a picture of everything together

then received another package honda access swivel maplight. its missing the honda cover still on the hunt for it! also found a ef clock.

i also purchased a ef honda access big domelight. this one is also missing a cover but im lucky enough to even find one since these are so rare.

also purchased honda access sedan and wagon shuttle catalogs

i have some sad news i sold the HEROES  Sad  i know i know i shouldnt have sold them! but i wanted different wheels and i was given a great opportunity to get my hands on these! so i made a 4 hour trip in total to pick these bad boys up.

WORK EWING MESH triple dipped in chrome with 24K gold dipped center caps and bolts! complete with adapters and tires Smile

so here are all the parts i took a full picture of everything i have to install.

i was so tired of my old stock wheel that was so sticky and couldnt take that wheel one more day so hasta la vista baby!

i purchased a NRG short hub, NRG quick release and NRG hublock.
was finally ready to install my honda access momo wheel!

thats all for right now im hoping to have suspension soon, just havent decided what suspension to buy. i will have more parts coming in the mail. and i will be updating as often as possible now.

wheelz on plz
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Love the updates!  What suspension setups are you considering?

~Sp33~ wrote:
wheelz on plz

I seen on of those dome lights go for like 400 plus on eBay?!?! Those wheels are sick. I came up on one of those phones years ago and totally forgot about it until I saw your pics. Just put the wheels on already!!!! Laughing

I think he's selling the wheels, that sucks, car is looking sick tho

okay so im back! its been a while, its still really difficult for me to keep updating especially since i dont have a computer.
well so on to the progress, i had to sell the WORK EWINGS due to a issue that came up sad to say there gone. i also sold the bigdome light that was incomplete and the swivel maplight both were incomplete.
I picked up some new rare parts and these were a tough find!

i bought a second set of floormats to add to my collection

then i traded my stock optional radio and my fender bras for this honda access dustbin

then i got this in the mail! ef sedan underseat tray!

heres a picture of the underseat tray and the dustbin in my sedan!

honda access air refiner

honda access jdm first aid kit brand new

i got lucky and found the same stereo i had traded away , but this one came with the equalizer so i had to buy it, i didnt really like the other stereo i put in the sedan this one is perfect for my sedan.

EDM optional woodgrain momo wheel!

interior shot with the honda access dustbin and the firstaid kit

one more with the woodgrain momo!

now heres some pictures enjoy!

bone stock accord and my sedan!

washing my blue ef sedan floormats and the car

at a meet bonestock ftw!

heres a picture with the old radio i had came off a accord i missed not having my EQ

chillin with my buddy marc and his brown wagon!


now that were all caught up this is where the fun begins!  Very Happy

some people say its impossible to find these parts and ive been told various time i would not find them! but impossible means a challenge that im up for Smile

finally managed to work out a deal for this gem 100% complete EF honda access bigdome light, thats why i sold the incomplete one Smile
one of the holy grail EF parts!

next i got a honda access swivel maplight ! and i sold off the incomplete one!

honda access dustbin, ef honda access firstaid kit, optional eq and optional stereo Smile

honda access ef gathers hanging speakers!

finally found some USDM blue ef sedan mats in MINT condition! im so relieved to have found these mats i own 4 sets of blue mats and none are even close to as clean as these.i know they dont look that clean but once i oxiclean them youll see the difference!

after a good oxiclean and a powerwash! i couldnt be any happier! heres a comparion picture of my daily mats compared to the minty mats i have.


everything all together before i install everything!
rare parts ftw!

my early morning decisions lol which wheel to use today?

i love old school!

installing the swivel maplight!

installed and ready to go enjoy!

next was the big dome light install took a little while and blew a fuse but after about a hour it was just about ready. i took alot more domelight pictures and its by far my favorite accessory. it has 3 different light modes. first in the door light (main light), second is the "spot" light, third is the "fancy light" which lights up green.

then i installed the gathers hanging speakers!

a buddy was kind enoguh to give me a free EQ tab that my EQ was missing so thanks to him its complete!

theres alot more photos enjoy!


EF Sedan Enthusiast

So much love for your sedan it's not even funny!!!

i personally never thought i could love a bone stock sedan as much as i love this one!

So much WIN its not even funny hahah. im happy for you man. you have way more rare stuff in your car then alot of people combined. Props! Keep it up Cool

All those parts  Shocked

thanks everyone i appreciate the kind words!  Very Happy
i did a couple new things to the car recently!
i will post pictures up very soon.

You must be the master at sourcing hard to find parts ffs! Great build nice to see another sedan in SD!

shows how little I knew about the option part for these cars lol..

thanks guys, its been a work in progress, and the parts have been a pain to find but im glad you guys enjoy the car as much as i do.
well onto some progress. not much has happened since im only working one job, ive been wanting to buy rims so BAD but no money.   Rolling Eyes  oh well. i bought SEM shadow blue interior paint to cover the stains on my dash, i couldnt stand those stains! heres a before and after.

i got these in the mail! last honda accessory ill be getting for a good while, EF7 foglights! thanks again efsedanenthusiast!

the air refiner and underseat tray havent been installed but plan to have them all installed asap.

had a day off and decided to install the underseat tray, its pretty useful to store little things like my planner and random odds and ends.

also installed the air refiner drilled 2 holes so it would move. still need to wire it up and i need to buy the batterys for the remote. does anyone know where i can find a filter for the refiner?

also decided to use my slim equalizer for the meantime.

also purchased a mirror cover still looking for the right side one, these things are so hard to find!

here are a couple more photos hope you enjoy.

next plans are to remove all the stickers, and the honda "ok' decal, also want to install the foglights and paint my bumpers and moldings, hopefully rims soon! i really want to lower it already!

Your set-up is one of the best I've ever seen, brilliant attention to detail with the stock look!
EF Sedan Enthusiast

So many rare goodies it's not even funny!

thank you @fij1 its been a work in progress, im glad other ef enthusiast appreciate the time and effort ive put into this car even if it isnt lowered yet.
@efenthusaist thanks hahahah. killing them softly.

another little update no new parts yet, still trying to find a job. i did manage to take off all the stickers on the car on saturday so that was a success, first iremoved the rear window tape that was all guey and stuck on, i also removed the honda "Ok" decal and replaced it with a brand new one i had. and the pro guard alarm stick is gone to.

i also went to a car meet in LA on saturday first time taking my sedan to a meet even though it isnt ready , here are some pictures.
minty crx spotted on the way

chilling with my buddy erick and his clean CRV

and another crv showed up and slimeballs wagon also

and a couple pics i took of my sedan yesterday enjoy.


cool pics

check PM
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Love it.  What's next for you?

Nice stuff man.

So sick!

Looking real clean.

If only they did double adapters for the accessories power slots in the fuse box... Looks like you could use one!

@robb pmed ya bacjk
@efenthusiast thanks jon, next plans are to get some very rare accessories
@89 LX SOHC ZC thank you man!'
@misha thanks i appreciate it
@sp33 thnaks man im a big fan of your sedan so many goodies! yeah i know especially since i still want a apillar maplight

im back, and now its time to update, not to many new things lately since these parts have been getting alot harder for me to find.
im really glad alot of people appreciate the build, its taken time, sweat, long hours, saving, and nonstop hunting to get it to where its at. tomorrow i will be posting all new pictures and updates. but heres a little sneak peek. i post alot more on instagram so feel free to follow me username is  aaronef2


Nice! Always great to find those rare parts Cool

can you post pdf files of the sedan honda access catalogs? or do you know a link to one? ive looked everywhere.  very clean build by the way!!

MrBoomPow wrote:
can you post pdf files of the sedan honda access catalogs? or do you know a link to one? ive looked everywhere.  very clean build by the way!!

Here ya go ^^

Good stuff
EF Sedan Enthusiast

4dred6 wrote:
Good stuff Forum Index -> Project Logs
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