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Urgent!!!!! Interior question

I need to know if I buy a 88-89 civic sedan lx would all my 90-91 lx interior fit as in full dash and all the power window door panels, pls I need to know this fast.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Yes but you'd have to swap everything (main harness included).

Okay thanks , I tried putting my sunroof in and the results were very good except for the back of the sunroof so now I need a new shell fckin pissed but hey shit happens.

You cut a hole for a sunroof and fucked it up? Haha, damn!

damn that sucks! i wouldnt put a sunroof in it if it doesnt have one. good luck finding another shell though!

LMMFAO i tried actually redid it today so now its all good no leaks and looks OEM clean ... pics up in a few on my build thread Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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