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turbo magazine may1999

i finally found the mag in my garage heres that daily driven 11 second  boosting 1.6L with roll bar, racing hart c2 17inch rims, 400hp to the wheel

sorry guys my scanner broke
EF Sedan Enthusiast

i've looking for a copy of that for a loooong time.

if anyone comes across one on ebay, please let me know.  i'll take any magazine that has a 4g4d in it!

I have a honda tuning somewhere with a red 4 door turboed out. .Let me see if i can find it somewhere. .
EF Sedan Enthusiast

I know there's a hond atunning w/ a blue one.

theres also superstreet magazine coverage on that grey jdm 4dr. also coverage on blue 4dr

btw where did you guys get pic of singleton 4dr race car blue?

i aspire my car to be as badass as these turbo cars.

your car looks like that one Forum Index -> Pics & Vids
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