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turbo kit

ok im looking for some info on turbo kit like where to find a good one and what kind of power u are makeing thinking of turboing my mini me after i add new rods and bearings and head studs and some head work

get the Edelbrock kit comes with T-2.5 Garrett ball-bearing turbo, TiAL blowoff valve, intake manifold, QUALITY PARTS, street legal. or a greddy kit, or a ebay kit they last about less than a year but big hp, problems youre going to have oil leaks, crack exhaust manifold, turbine falls apart, cuplings fall off. my ef vs ek w ss chrome bb 18g kit. i pulled on 1st gear then as i went 3rd gear he caught up and then pass me by 4 cars still pulling.

project car magazine did a nice turbo project write up in their mag for like $1500-$2000 but it requires you being able to do almost all the work. They made descent power to. Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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