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Turbo Fourdour from Lithuania

Hey, as promised - here's the story of my sedan.

First of all - the backstory. Before this sedan i've already had bunch of hondas. Couple worth of mentioning - my first honda "project", that took almost 4 years and got from stock to perfect daily car to track car Smile

Then after a concession of EG's end EF's i bought a mint EP3 Type-R:

But after moving to a different city and having to drive much more than i used to i decided to sell the Type-R and to find something more economical. After some time my eye caught a glimpse of a rust free ED4 1.6i sedan. Without much thinking i went to see it and after couple of hours i was a new proud owner of this silver ferio. First thouths were to keep it pretty basic - painted BBS RZ i had lying around black, bought the coilovers, o i-VT leather wheel, put LPG gas system for super economy and drove it for a while as a daily commute.

Just bought -

After some work it was still pretty basic and looked like this (you can see a rare martini racing Momo steering wheel instaled Smile ):

The small but lovable details keeped piling on - JDM DC5 pedal covers, mugen replica shift knob, loads of daily repair (completely rebuild brakes, cooling system, rebuilt engine, etc), mudflaps, full custom exhaust, hood bra and so on.

Then the first winter came. Since there's loads of salt on the roads during winter here i finally decided to keep this sedan in garage during the winter and instead bought another EF hatch. Then, i decided to sell the EF, bought my first Subaru, and the purpose of the sedan changed overnight Smile From my perfect-daily-eco project it became a weekend toy.

First thought was to change the wheels, cause BBS's weren't cuttin' it. At a local car show i noticed pretty basic 7'' Zender Sports - they were in need of complete refurbish, but there was some potential in them. After loads of work with the wheels they looked like this:

And the the crazyness began - bought the wooden Nardi, started collecting the parts for turbo kit, bought i-VT front brakes, slapped a M Factort camber kit and after the winter my ferio looked like this -

Then came the urge to "go wide" Very Happy

After buying these 8'' Zenders i started to seach something similar for the front. Sold the white zenders and found similarly deep dished 7'' Zenders. Also found some goodies like Omori boost gauge and Buddyclub shift knob Smile

And won couple of local shows nominations Smile

While i was refurbishing the new Zender kit tried my ATS DTC from other car Smile

And the infamous youtube video Smile

And finally before this winter a came to this:

Pics from my friends wedding last summer:

Annnd finaly this winter shots:

First of all - sorry for the long read Very Happy
Still got loads of ideas with the car, like fresh repaint, maybe more serious turbo setup and off course - more drop!

Hope you had a good read, and sorry for my English Smile

Awesome, thanks for writing up.

Do you have a larger version of this picture?

Would like to make it my desktop picture!
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Sick, just plain sick  Twisted Evil

I'm in love with this car, those ats wheels are sick too. So is it gasoline or LPG?

Super clean man lovin it.

Hey, nice to see that you like it Smile

Here's the bigger picture -

And the car currently is running on petrol Smile

I see. And that pic would be nice for the banner

your car is badass to the extreme Smile i love it. i enjoyed seeing the transformation pictures. how much hp does it run?

I watched that video probably 20 times in the past few weeks since someone posted it here.

Absolutely love it.

I surely wasn't expecting so much positive feedback from you guys! Smile

I think it has about 160-180Hp, the engine program was done on another D16A6, still haven't tried mine on a dyno, because of the slipping clutch. When ill fix that - without a doubt there will be dyno run or even a normal program Smile

Thanks a bunch for that pic!

It might really not be a big thing, but it's quite nice to see my picture in speedhunters -


Cool man.

very nice. great choice for the wheels
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Dude to get on Speedhunters is dope.
Joseph Lee

Hi, do you have a bigger higher resolution photo of the snow picture? Very Happy the other one is my current background lol Very Happy

That is one good looking sedan you've got there, good sir. Would love to see more of this one!

very very clean car i must say!

Beautiful sedan, too bad he's selling it  Sad

Don't worry - since nobody's buying it, i'm still working on it.

Joseph Lee

thank goodness, I almost had a heart attack, too many sedans selling Sad your car has been the wallpaper on my computer for almost a year now lol

awesome build man, looks reaaaally good!

Can you tell me your wheel/tire specs?
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Glad to hear you're not selling.

EF Sedan Enthusiast wrote:
Glad to hear you're not selling.


Bigger one -

This car is pretty awesome,   those wheels are great and fit it well.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

New banner?  I think so  Twisted Evil

really nice sedan  hot

EF Sedan Enthusiast wrote:
New banner?  I think so  Twisted Evil

Heck yeah.

agreed. looks fantastic

Some rare toys Smile


I love the fitment. I need to get the factory rear spoiler as well.

Nice find. Cool always liked those spoilers.

Love it I'd like to one of those.

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