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Trying to fix my paint on a budget RESULTS!!! 56k take a nap

Since I bought my car Ive hated the flat gold paint. Ive tried to wax it but got no results. I decided to go a little more abrasive and did a 4 step process using rubbing compound, polishing compound, Meguiars #7 followed by Meguiars #26. The paint is no where near perfect, but its loads better than what it was.

Here's some comparison shots.


looking good Very Happy
whoa its len 2

Good improvement. Hard to tell because the color is throwing me off but, did you use a buffer or was it muscled in by hand?

Great work. I love making things shiny!

Looks a thousand times better!
I have been inspired.... I borrowed a buffer from a friend a week or so ago but never got around to using it. Now I think I may use the upcoming holiday weekend to get it done!

No buffer, all by hand. I'll get some more pics up when I get the whole thing done. Thanks for the comments guys. Forum Index -> Pics & Vids
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