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trunk torsion bar

well I need to remove the trunk torsion bars cuz they are in the way and im installing trunk raisers(shocks). i noticed all they really do is help pop open the trunk when opening from the inside and help hold the trunk open, but is that all they do? question is do i need them?

if you installing shocks you don't need em.


^^ you should already know whats goin on Ef4lyf3  Twisted Evil  same thing is gonna happen with the hood when i find a good set of strong arm shocks  Wink . and alright i just need to figure out how to remove them, iv tried pryin them out but don't wanna bend shit up

Pop trunk on dem boys

lol that shits funny, but ya gonna have a self opening trunk. and hood is also in the works,but gonna take time on it.

Very Happy

lol^^ of course you would be smiling

Careful when taking them out, they have a huge amount of flex, once you get them over the lip that keeps them secured they will fly out. It wouldn't be silly to wear eye protection and gloves.

I was taking a trunk lid off once and once flew across the road, somehow missed my head haha.

^^HOLY SHIT! Shocked across the road! Shocked

yes across the road lol I tried last night to remove them, an they are in good, so gonna remove the whole arm bracket for the hood and just bolt it back together after I get it out. same process as removing deck lid just 2 extra bolts

my trunk dosent stay open it always falls due to the heavy ef2 rear spoiler lol ive hit my head so many times its insane ,

lol I want a oem rear spoiler but cant find em, an mine stays up just fine, but im having the trunk open on its own when button is hit from my 2way or from inside.

well got the bastard torsion bars out, only smashed my finger an hand with 1 bar before I removed the damn trunk hinge for 1 side lol Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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