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travis battle's sedan

So I figured I would post up a build thread. This is all going to be quoted from a local forum I'm on and the build has been on there since it started. Sorry if some things don't make sense. I'll try and edit it as much as I can but it's 29 pages and I'm lazy. haha

Nothing special is going to be happening to it really until probably next winter.
Probably just gonna be LS or B20 swap and some suspension to make it low.
I already got wheels but I might try to find some other ones for it.
Basically trying to get it back together and ready to be drivable come spring.
When I got it it has cut springs on it so I had to put some suspension on it to make things easier.
Onto the pictures....

Came with a madcou sticker already on it!  Very Happy

Can't decide if I want to redo the wheels bronze or polish them.


Started working on the wheels tonight.
Haven't been able to work on the car so I just got the wheels to work on for now.
Basically just stripped them and got them fairly clean.
There still pretty dirty and I still have some paint in the lug holes to get out.

I'm already happier with them!

The red is now black, ran out of black tape at the time.


Hopefully A LOT of updates next week!
I'm shooting to have everything ready to be put on or put in the car by March 1st.
The shop will be empty all week following that day.
So I can get everything done and ready to go that week.

Saturday I went to the yard and got my gas tank, finally!
It's going to be sitting until I have the money to put a walbro in it before I put the tank in.

Along with a cluster, glove box, passenger mirror

I couldn't decide if I wanted to put the mirror on or not, but I like it so it's staying. haha

Few things I cleaned up.

This is how the interior sits as of now.

I can't decide if I want to redo the bay or not.

Then I can finish the brake lines and wiring and put the dash back in.
I'm just going to put this dash in for now.
I found all new interior I want to get but that will have to come later.

It's in pretty good condition. It's just black and the rest of the interior is blue.

Hopefully next week suspension will be ordered.
I'm hoping I have everything done and ready to put a motor in it within the next 2 or 3 weeks.
Next week there should be A LOT done with the car.
I basically have a week off work and my shop will be open for me to work as much as I want on the car.
So, next week there should be a lot of updates!  Very Happy[/quote]

I'm too tired to sit and resize them all.


Well I've been trying to knock A LOT of stuff out this week.
Barely sleeping and spending money before I get it.
Hopefully fairly soon I'll be able to drive this thing.
I've been thinking and I can't wait to just drive down the street. haha
Ok updates!
Got the gas tank all freshly undercoated because it was pretty gross when I got it.

I also went ahead and did the wheel wells because they were old and gross. Figured I might aswell while I'm there.

The shock forks will get cleaned and resprayed black like the rest of the suspension components once I put other suspension on it.

The gas tank is finally in!!!!! =] Walbro 255 installed also while the tank was out.

I went ahead and reundercoated the rear wheel wells also.

And I undercoated the straps and bolts to protect them I guess. haha

I pulled the front members out and cleaned and repainted them just to make them look better.
I took out all the seamsealer also. Maybe one day the bay will get shaved but till them it will look like this.

I got a lot of new hardware for the bay.

I figured I would make it kinda pretty. haha

Random pictures I took haha


I've been messing around with a valve cover and I think I finally decided I'm going to leave it.

I made a spark plug cover cause I can. I think it looks pretty good.

The valve cover from a distance looks just like a gunmetal color.

All of the windows but the rear window were purple so, the windows will be getting retinted.
You can see the purple in the second picture.

And a random picture of the bay. I got the booster and a few other things bolted into the bay.

Well I finally got my big purchase in!

Other pics later. I got excited and had to put them on the car before I even took pics of them out of the box.
I want the car to sit lower and I know the front will with the motor in and once the new suspension settles but well see how low it is.
I'll probably put it lower anyway but whatever haha
Don't mind the mismatch wheels, I've been too lazy to do anything more with them.
I think I might sell them though.. if anyone is interested in them let me know!

I got my harness in today.

Got my fuel filter put on. I was happy with the way it turned out.

I started on my brake line tuck. Thanks again for pushing me to do it Wheatley!

It doesn't look amazing but it's the first time I've bent brake lines.
I have another big update but I don't have pics at the moment. Gotta upload them and I don't have the cord.
I got full grey/black interior for the car!! I'm really pumped about it.
It's in pretty much perfect condition. No rips, tears, wear. I got a great deal on it too!
Hopefully more updates later this week.

Shitty cell phone pics FTL.
I forgot I pulled it out and rinsed all the dust and grossness off!

They are very yellow as Jordan pointed out haha

I've been getting very discouraged with the car.
I have 2 wires that I have NO idea where they go.
I've gone through the entire harness to see if they were just ripped apart but I didn't find any other ends.
So, I'm assuming the wires went to a plug and I have NO idea what plug.
I'm hoping its just the clutch safety switch so I can just loop them and it will be fine but I'm not sure.
Not sure how much longer I'm going to have a place to keep the car at either.
So if you guys start seeing pictures of it being worked on outside then you know why.
I also have a million little things to do and those are going to be the things that kick my ass.
I have a million small things to buy also. I pretty much need every engine component other than the fuel filter.
IF ANYONE HAS A DA DRIVER SIDE POST MOUNT FOR SALE!!!! The lower portion that bolts to the block.
Please let me know asap so I can get it from you. That's the only thing I have left to get mount wise.

Anyway enough with the bad news.
I got most of the interior back in since now the brake line tuck is done.

The door panels are actually out of an LX which has power windows and locks.
So, I had to drill holes in the door panels for the crank windows.
I was going to just get all the power window guts to put in but I ran out of money.

The interior still needs a final cleaning from me making a mess when installing it.

The suspension is all on for good now. It's sitting ok.
From the floor to the center of the fender line its 20.75 inches.
Heres a quick shot for reference. This is the front crossmember at it's lowest point.
And a lighter.

Random picture of how it sits. I took other pictures but the camera was being a piece of shit.

Im impressed. cant wait to see some progress..


Well the final big purchase came in today!!!
Started to get it cleaned up.
Went ahead and put the valve cover on to see what it would look like.
I also got my trans the other day too so, I got that all cleaned up also.
Oh and I cleaned up the intake manifold while I was at it.

Without flash.

With flash.

Hopefully this weekend I'll have more updates!  Wink
If anybody happens to have a upper timing belt cover that they want to sell please let me know! Mine was slighty broke.
Rear all together

polishing time

Ok update time!
So my mounts didnt work out. They might have been ok but I didnt want to take the chance.
So I went ahead and got these dudes.

Shad came down and helped me get the motor in.. for the last time.. hopefully haha

As of right now almost all the wiring and all the hoses are done.
The radiator is in. Axles are in. Clearances are good too! haha

It sights fairly good.
Hopefully more updates later this week!  Very Happy

This car is kicking my ass.

Wont be making it to the Richmond show most likely.
Head is probably junk from bent valves.

So much for a good update today huh?

Few pictures from the night I first drove it. Nothing great.
Getting washed... Finally!

Random one from Pendleton.

I have others they just didn't turn out too great.

Pictures of the new valve cover later most likely!  Wink


A very minor update after a long time.
I've decided to change some things on the car this year.
I started with the engine bay. I shaved some small things, got rid of some brackets, and had fresh paint put on it.
I also chased down all the small bits of seam sealer that were left over from last season and anymore that was left.
Here's a few pictures of the process.

I was really excited to get rid of the big wiper hole.

All the brackets and studs and some dimples and things are now gone from the firewall.

And the finished product.

Also, while the rear crossmember was out I cleaned it all up and put some fresh paint on it.

It turned out amazing and I just wanted to say huge thanks to Mr. and everyone else who gave me a hand with it.
Hopefully I'll be having more updates soon.  Smile

And that is all of my build thread that I have.
As it sits now is the few pictures above this post.
It's just hanging out right now. I'll update this again later.

Really cool man great work gone into it

Really need a lathe to polish my wheels Cool
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Puttin in some serious work.  Looking forward to watching this build.

The brake line tuck turned out good. I wanted to really hide mine so I ran mine in the left (drivers) corner of the bay. Pretty much under the brake booster.

Im seriously impressed thus far.


Yeah that brake line tuck is from last season. I'll be redoing it.
I didn't really care for how it turned out but I just left it.

Car looks pretty....

thats pretty tight what color is the 2nd valve cover? where did you get the color from? are you plan on using DA obd1 harness all around? i have same issues with motor mounts gonna do a DA mount mount support welded onto the ef use oem mounts more quiet! nice progress!

nice work! engine bay looks great and the height rocks Wink

Travvv wrote:

Without flash.

With flash.

Please tell me you know the name or part number of this paint  Shocked

That looks amazing I'd be tempted to shoot my whole car with that paint

The black valve cover is just a gloss black base coat.
I cleaned it with some clear from I think Autozone.
I don't remember what the clear was though. Sorry.

Did the clear have the flake in it or was there an intermediate coat?

Sorry. Yes, It had a gloss black base coat and the clear had the 'flake' pieces in it.

The clear is what I used.

Ahh, I gotcha. Thank you man, I'll have to totally rip off your idea for my project  Embarassed

It's all good. I don't have that valve cover anymore. It went with the b20 when I sold it.

What motor are you going to be running now?

I have a full b16 swap that should be here this weekend.

Cool! I have a feeling I have a rebuilt B16 coming in the summer if the cash is right(meaning buy another motor for the em1, and do a quick rebuild/throw it in the 4dr)

Got this in a few weeks ago. Just haven't had time for an update.
More to come soon!



Just when I thought my morning glory was about to be over..  Shocked

jk >.>

Sexy shit though, Im jealous, lol. If you don't mind my asking where did you buy it?

That's a really clean motor/trans!

Thanks guys!! I bought it from Hmotors. I'll never buy another engine from another company. Me and a friend both bought new engines. They are some of the cleanest and nicest engines I've seen. Great customer service too! Hopefully more pics of the progress later!
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Yeah they are by far, hands down the best place to purchase an engine.

For sure! After buying an engine from tigerjapanese and it having a broken cam, I'll never buy from them again. They didn't do anything anout it either. Cancelled my claim about it and basically told me oh well, your problem not ours.

That motor looks great! My friend just bought a 98 spec type r for his EG from hmotors and that thing looks factory fresh! Lucky for him they are local so he just picked it up and saved on shipping.

Travvv wrote:
For sure! After buying an engine from tigerjapanese and it having a broken cam, I'll never buy from them again. They didn't do anything anout it either. Cancelled my claim about it and basically told me oh well, your problem not ours.

Holy shit batman, that is ridiculous... I was thinking of ordering through them, I'm glad you said that. I'll have to look into hmotors I never checked them out.

How much was it for the motor/trans? And what all did it come with?

Sorry for stabbin at the details but I have pipe dreams of seein a B16 in my sedan one day.

Proper- I wish I could've picked mine up! Haha

90efsedan- I'll pm you man.


Sounds good man, thanks. I'll probably check out hmotors tonight after my boy goes to sleep.

Been pretty busy lately. Started a new job at Honda here.
Hopefully once I get used to the routine I can be on more.

Got some things cleaned up and stuff. More updates later when I have time. I drove the car today though!

EF Sedan Enthusiast

Dolie ED3

Love this project log!thumbs up!


clean ass engine bay...

so fresh and so clean

That B16 is so much cleaner than the one I just picked up. The bay's looking great aswell.

How do you like working for Honda? I'm done with my schooling in like three weeks, and considering working for Honda.

So with all the issues I have been having with the car..
Even more keeps piling one..

I give no fucks so, deal with them.

When I was having the brake issues it was up on a jack stopped in a parking lot.. Well the jack collapsed on itself.

And then....
The other night I was driving home and came around a slight veer in the road. As soon as the car was back straight there was something in the road.
I couldn't have avoided it. I couldn't even see it until it was about 5 feet in front of my bumper so I couldn't have stopped and I couldn't swerve anymore than I did cause there was a car.
I only hit it at about 25-30 but it definitely made it's impact..
It hit the passenger side of the front of the car where the grill and bumper light meet.
This is the only damage cosmetically that I could see when it happened..

It apparently tweaked a lot. The driver side of the hood stick up about a half inch with it latched.

The rest is just a bunch of pictures I took of the front damage with the bumper off and the radiator back.

It bent the front crossmember really bad.

Driver front wheel

Passenger front wheel

I think it might have bent the rear crossmember/passenger control arm also. Not positive yet though.

Driver wheel with the steering wheel straight.

<--- front of car.

Passenger front wheel with the steering wheel straight.
Front of car --->

For those of you wondering what the hell I hit...

A mother fucking lion.

AHHH SHIT MAN  gutted for u it looks pretty bent!
What u goin to do...  off to a rack with it

I'm sorry man. I damn near took out a huge dog the other weekend, but he got out of the way at the last second.

What the hell is that lion made out of? Don't give up hope, stay strong banana

DAMN! A LION...that completely sucks!
EF Sedan Enthusiast

That really sucks man Sad

That sucks badly.

It will be getting fixed. Hopefully within the next few weeks. Hopefully next season I can find the core support I've been looking for forever. But then I gotta buy the whole doghouse too. Wink if anyone happens to come across a ef2 front please let me know!

that things is slammeddd   Very Happy Forum Index -> Project Logs
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