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Traction Bars / Crossmember

Whos using a traction bar here?

I'm planning to buy one for the extra clearance.. Now I'm looking more towards the Innovative replacement crossmember rather then their competition traction bar kit. It retains the original radius arms and has provisions for a half rad to fit, but I don't notice the mounting points on the traction bar kit. I also like the idea that its a straight bolt on where the traction bar kit needs alignment.

But the competition bar doesn't cost a whole lot more and seems to get really good reviews, but will it cause the drive of the car to be alot more harsh due to having no radius arm bush, the roads are terrible in Ireland.

Any thoughts?


Your sedan is coming along great brian, as for traction bars TF are doing one of their Race Series branded ones for EFs.. Looks very tidy they are running one in their B18 black over gold one looks very clean and tidy..

How much are them innovite ones costing? Kev D is looking to run a race series one in his CRX I think

built my own...check the build thread page 3 i think.

I have the second pictured one. I got it with my shell, and like it!

I'm running a traction bar setup on my ef sedan I'll lift it up and get ya some pics it's definitely worth having

I think i'll may just go for the competition bar set..

sancho - any pictures of the ground clearance?

c-rex - must try get some info on the race series one.. you got any pictures or prices? the top innovative one works out at 250 and say another 80 or so for the competition kit...
alarm guru

anyone have one of the 130 dollar ones from ebay? Forum Index -> Suspension/Brakes/Wheels/Tires
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