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Tom's 35xt Limited Edition build.

Hey guys, my name is Tom.
I purchased my first Ef Sedan just over a month ago now and thought I'd do a little write up and share how its going and future plans.
Let me know what you think!

You may recognise it from a fellow EfSedanSquad member, Josh, who is also a good friend of mine. It is an auto 1.5L dual carby which is the perfect reliable car for my daily driving needs.

It all started when Josh was on the look out for a new 4 door daily and Steve (~Sp33~) stumbled across this Ef sedan on Ebay. They called the owner up and went for a cruise down the coast to pick her up. Josh owned it for a while and it went through a few awesome stages!

Heres a pic of when he bought her.

He treated it well and it ended up snapping necks looking like this.

Ever since i set eyes on Steves Ef sedan (which I'm sure we all know well!) aswell as Joshs, my thirst to own an Ef Sedan was massive. I was thoroughly keeping an eye out for one with the help of Steve, but with not much success.

Steves Sedan for those who don't know it.

After a while of searching I was thinking my chances of finding one weren't very high. Until I recieved a bad news bearing message from Josh! The Ef sedan was involved in an accident!
It was so sad to hear that such a clean sedan was no longer immaculate, but after weighing up his options Josh decided that repairing it wasn't an option for him he decided to move on.

This is the devastating damage Sad

Its extremely sad to see but as I am currently a 2nd year apprentice panel beater I thought this was the perfect opportunity for me to snatch up my first Ef Sedan as well as rebirth this once immaculate Ef to its original state instead of watching it go to waste! So i purchased it off Josh a couple of days later.

I spoke to my tradesman and he was keen to help me along the way!
As soon as I picked her up i brought her to work the next day, that afternoon I got cracking on getting it back to the basic shape that it should be!

After a quick beat out and some pin-pulling it was beginning to take shape

Not long after that it was looking even better!

This is the point I am up to at the moment,  it was getting close but because the damage was so extreme the metal had been stretched so as well as pulling it out it also needs a bit of heat shrinking. Im not too experienced in this area so my tradesman is going to give me a hand, at the moment he has just finished preparing and painting his own car so he has been quite busy lately but now that it is complete it shouldn't be long until we can finish her off!

I'll be sure to post some updates when progress is made!

I also borrowed some Watanabes off a friend to cruise around on until i get some wheels of my own.

Here is how it sits at the moment

I love it to bits and am very keen to get it back to mint condition!
Thanks for reading! any thoughts and questions are welcome!

Good to see you posting bud! I'm so glad that she fell into the right hands, it would break my heart to see it taken to a wrecking yard.

can't wait to have this thing parked next to me at car meets!

NICE! I have a makeshift USDM 35xt limited ed. here in the states.. I would love to have the real thing, but have settled on the hybrid i have created.. Welcome on board!  Laughing

Sad to see the damage but its good to see your going to fix it.

I was wondering what happened to this car, such a shame it was in an accident. but it definatley fell into the right hands!!
EF Sedan Enthusiast

~Sp33~ wrote:
I'm so glad that she fell into the right hands, it would break my heart to see it taken to a wrecking yard.

Couldn't agree more.  I'm excited that you've found your way to our little corner of the internets.

Those wheels look great on there!  Keep up the good work and keep us updated.

Way to put life back into it. Very nice job on fixing the damage. Great work!

Car is lookin good..... Us americans always get the short end of the stick when it comes to car options.... Love the front

Thanks for all the positive feed back guys!
its great to hear from other enthusiasts!

unfortunately 2 days ago i broke my wrist on my bmx bike, so getting the repair finished up might be post poned for a few weeks Sad

But I while i had the day off i took the opportunity to hunt down the RH rear filler panel under the taillight, which was going to be a lot easier to replace than repair. Picked one up from Boss Wrecking for $11, bargain!

Im hoping to get some progress made on fixing the air conditioning but Im not sure how its going to go with one hand, the aircon pulley and belt need replacing and from a quick glance it looks like its going to be a bit fiddly.

Should be installing a pioneer headdeck this arvo that one of my mates donated. Its going to be hard pulling out the OEM gathers/Alpine tape deck.

But being a Japanese import it gets almost no stations so I am usually rolling around with my iphone playing music on loud speaker and as a daily driver Im keen to get it playing some tunes.

anything good at boss?

Sucks about your hand but its good to see your still thinking about the project.

Any updates on this?
Very nice sedan makes me want to fit the facelift front to mine but dont think it'll suit mine as well
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Are you selling the tape deck?!?!?  I would love to buy this from you if it's in working condition.

Hey guys thanks for the positive feedback!

havent had a chance to get on here for a while so its time for a little update.
about 3 weeks into having a cast on my arm I went in for a check up and found out that I needed an operation!
so they slapped a massive screw in my arm and i had to wear a cast for another 2 weeks and then a splint for 5 more weeks with lots of physiotherapy, so as you can imagine not much progress was made in this time.

Heres a pic of my new wrist modification Razz

While I was in a cast i managed to change the front disc pads, it took a couple of hours with one hand but they were well over due!

My friend who was lending me the Watanabe wheels that I had on the EF needed them back so i slapped on my brothers wheels he had on his dc2

Im actually digging the white on white atm, but its only a temporary fix.

Last weekend Steve and I went over to Josh's house for a good old EF sunday sesh and we parked the old girls in the car port and got to work!
I experienced my first drum shoe replacement which was quite fiddly and took a few attempts but got there in the end thanks to the help of Josh and Steve, I also adjusted the handbrake and it feels better than ever!

While this was going on Josh was busy on his EF as you probably saw in his build thread!
Here is a few pics after a very constructive day!

Next on the list is getting on to the long over due repair of the RHR Quarter panel! and Im keeping an eye out for some wheels to spice her up a bit.

Will update again soon!
Thanks for reading!

Does actually look well on them white wheels but thost Wats are savage looking too.. Are they bronze or gunmetal?

Shitty one about the hand too kinda looks like a wood screw holding your wrist together Laughing

Good to see your getting back to it.  The wrist doesent sound like any fun.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Good stuff, minus the hand/wrist.

88-89 tails ftw!!!

Its been far too long since I've posted so i thought i might give a quick update.

my motivation has been really low lately with a lack of licence, but I've started to get keen on cleaning her up again.

my brother wanted his white buddyclub wheels back so i chucked on some 3rd gen prelude alloys for the time being Smile.

One of my mates also scored me a set of roof racks off a Da9 integra at Boss wrecking which I managed to fit to the Ef!

And finally just trying to get everything sorted to clean it up as much as possible, panel repairs still havent been attended too which is quite depressing but definitely will be seeing to that soon!

More work to come over the next few weeks will keep updating! Smile


tom35xt wrote:

This pic i siiiiick, i love the lude wheels on there.

Thanks Steve Smile. Im lovin em atm too

also thought id share my bad news from a couple of months ago.
was cruising around in the harsh Australian weather when all of a sudden boom! my, Once mint condition climate control, suddenly cracked! was a sad day! it still works fine but just a bit of a bummer Sad.


That sucks. Crying or Very sad

DAMN!  Crying or Very sad

Tom, we need to do an EF day in the very near future. Keen?

Super keen! need to get mine, yours and joshs together! and anyone else in QLD! Smile
EF Sedan Enthusiast

The lude wheels look good but sad to see the climate control cracked.

Just a quick update!
Decided to buckle down on Saturday and get some overdue work done to the old girl!

a few weeks ago my exhaust started getting really loud and I had a peak under and boom!

So I booked it in early saturday for a new one!
but they didnt put the chrome tips back on it Sad

so I think ill have to go for a trip to the wreckers to find some!

I also raised her up to exactly legal height since I keep getting hassled for it and gave my LCA's a quick polish up and the coilovers a quick wipedown while I was under there! Thought I'd throw in the dash mat that Steve kindly donated aswell! Smile.

After all that i had a fairly decent oil leak coming from the valve cover so I pulled her off and the gasket seemed in pretty good condition still, it just had a bit of shit built up on it, so i gave it a good clean and a gasket goo and chucked it back together!

Then gave the interior a much needed vacuum and clean! nothing annoys me more than a messy interior haha!

and last of all just want to show off my little "How to Auto" card which comes with the car from factory and I assume is fairly rare? Smile

Thanks for reading! Smile
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Good stuff man!

Nice update man looks good.

lol how to auto. You've got problems if you need to look at that card to figure it out.

Thats for shure. LOL Forum Index -> Project Logs
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