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To my european friends:Sedanmeet at Nuerburgring, Summer '10

Next year, in Summer 2010, the Civic EE9 and CRX EE8 drivers will do their meetup again.
Last meet, maybe you remember?

So, tehre are not so many Sedans in Europe, anyways...
Even I'd like to try to pick every Sedan driver all around Europe up, to drive together to the Nuerburgring, when the EE9, EE8, EF8, EF9 drivers do their meetup, too.
Why not?
Just Hatchbacks and CRX'? Boring!!
Why not Sedans?
So, let's try!!

I'm trying to fix my Sedan, also 'till then.
I bought a D16Z5 just yesterday to put it into my ED2 Sedan.

So: YOU are my hope!!!
Don't leave me alone there Wink

love  banana

Regards from Germany

I will drive with 2 friends 1ee9 1ee8 and i. Very Happy


Good Trailer but the musik is Gay Laughing

I really like this song Embarassed
whoa its len 2

I'll be there... in spirit and jealousy.  Embarassed

lol. I like the song.

~Sp33~ wrote:
lol. I like the song.

thanx, man!!!! Forum Index -> Meets/Car Shows/Events
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