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tips on building my 90 ef civic

Hey guys im new to the tuner world. I just recently got a 90 ef civic. It has a d15b7 lower basicly all stock. What are some cheap things i can do to make it nicer. Also info on turbo setups to use and how to convert from multi injection to fuel injection. Any kits for h wiring or is it easy to do yourself. Your guys help will be great.


just look around the threads in the forum. there you will find anything that you need to make an individual setup for your sedan.

turbo kit is a very expensive conclusion, if you got the money

first easy things to let it look great ... coils and wheels, maybe some mudflaps and visors, for the jdm style...

so far

Totti Cool

First off, take these 3 things into consideration: cheap, reliable, and speed. Now choose two.

Styling is strictly opinionated and i would suggest looking at what other members here have done or spend some time on google looking at images of fixed up sedans to get a feel for what you like. Dont waste money on styling to impress others because you'll find yourself spending more later on trying to impress yourself.

As far as power, you'll need to consider what kind of driving you will do with the sedan, and then plan accordingly towards those goals while staying within your budget. There's many different setups you could choose and all of them would yield different results.
Edison Carasio

My advice is get out to the junk yard.  You can find all kinds of cheap upgrades.  Integra rear disc brakes, passenger mirrors with visors, better seats from Integras, Civic/CRX Si's, Preludes etc (that will go in with a little work), better OEM alloy wheels (better than 13'' steelies anyway).

Craigslist...ebay... And junkyards are your best friend.... The info on this site is awesome and resourceful.... I have used the informtion on the site numerous times and have saved me money Forum Index -> General Discussion
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