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hey i need help with timing. i got to much bullshit from friends. but anyway. alright so my timing belt broke while i was on the freeway, yeah i know sucks. but im trying to reset the timing. does anyone have pictures on where the marks go or whatever? i've only done timing once and and it was a b series so pretty confused..

its just like b series, but 160000000000000000000000000000
times easier. if you have timing marks on your timing belt cover, you're in luck. if not, you've got to get the number 1 cylinder to tdc. rotate the crankshaft around with the head off, its easier. put a long extension in the number 1 cylinder, the one closest to the crank pulley. get it to the very top of its stroke, then you have to rotate the cam gear until the 3 marks on the gear line up. the two on the sides will line up with the deck of the head, the third one will go straight up. when you're positive you've got that, put on the belt, and rotate the motor by hand, and see if you're good.

or go on h-t and get up in the faq.

good luck.

Have you checked for head damage? It's very likely to have bent a valve. Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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