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timing belt :-(

So i got this 89 ef sedan for 250 and i just found out that the timing belt is bad.  Is it worth trying to find a new ef or to fix my first ef. Need some advice to a elder ef sedan lover?

It really depends on the overall condition of the car. I would say if you got a good body and decent to good interior keep it and build it. Chances are if the timing belt went bad it bent the valves in the process so finding a used head or an engine might be on your to do list but goodluck with whatever you choose to do.

Well when i got the car the guy said he rebuilt the head and everything works on it electrically

When you mean the timing belt went bad did it snap? Or is the timing belt not on correctly? If the belt actually snapped the chances are the valves are bent cause it's a interference engine but im just speculating what would normally happen.

I'm not sure exactly. I have to check it, i just heard by ear. It just cranks

If it only cranks but it sounds like a faster wind up then its busted what I would recommend if you have worked on cars is open the valve cover and check  if anyhibg is bent or out of the norm what I did when mine busted

Will do. I really appreciate the advice.guys.

just buy a new belt and get it timed, my timing belt had ripped on me while i was driving and i bought a new belt and water pump and it ran fine Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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