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this place..

this forum is kinda dead?? i know im new but i plan to stick around for a while and be active and i think we need to somehow premote ourselfs more. i always see that there is like 25-30 guests on all the time and like 3-4 actual members?? i just think we need to do something to make this awesome site more popular. imo

I know there are alot of really nice sedan who's owners aren't members here, but this is a small, pretty tight knit group of guys here that are regulars on here. It kinda keeps it more welcoming and easier to frequent. But I could see how more peeps would bring new and fresh ideas. just hope it doesn't end up like H-T  Very Happy

yeah im not a huge fan of h-t there is a lot of " tool sheds" there. maybe we should just try to get the people that are here to be more active?

The site can get a little slow at times but we have good group of sedan junkies here its hard for a site to seem active with one make of honda I just cant handle h/t.

yeah most of the time when someone asks a question they get a bunch of crap about searching it up and doing their research here you guys actually answer.. thats why i am here because when i am ready to do my build and i have questions or need advise you guys will be here too.. thats why i cant stand h/t

Honestly no this place is great the way it is. We are like a family. Everyone gets along with each other, I'd hate to see it change.

^ Agreed! And like was said also. This site has it's slow times. But it will really pick during others. Have you checked the sedan squad thread on h-t? It's pretty fast moving over there. Too fast for me to keep up with anyway lol!

i guess ill just do my part and be active and hope others do the same..
EF Sedan Enthusiast

You all are more than welcome to invite people to join this site.  I think it's plugging along nicely.

Speaking on behalf of the leaders, thanks to everyone for the support and activity Very Happy  This site wouldn't be what it is today without you guys.

I personally hate HT.. Stopped going there a few years ago. It just seems like the same crap over and over. On here, it seems we all work together to help out and not flame someone for what they are doing. That to me is more productive and makes for a site i come to often. I do not post unless i feel compelled to, but i am here everyday.


yeah i just read the build threads and the EFCivicSedan thread

HT is not bad i just cant keep up! i gave up with the number trying to get a number although my 4dr is semi rice stock not worthy enough to be pictured! lolz anyways this site is cool more friendly! not cocky compared to other sites. HT is better for advertising your car for car thief. you can reply or post hours days weeks months later on the forum people wont dis/ snob anyone for not being active etc. Smile

It's probably cause I stopped posting.   Razz

Don't get me wrong, i get updates from there once in a while and i look through the sedan squad thread...but i cannot keep up with the conversations and or what ever is going on on there.... Guess i am a lurker  Rolling Eyes Forum Index -> General Discussion
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