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The million dollar motorcar project!

Hello everyone,
My name is Reuben and this is my í89 civic sedan †project car called Ďthe million dollar motorcar.í

The specs:
-Stock D15B2
-wire tuck and battery relocation

-Grey interior
-first gen civic steering wheel
-third gen civic gear knob
-honda access floor mats
-lower center console

-civic wagon front bumper
-usdm corners
-usdm tail lights
-concerto spoiler
-civic wagon sideskirts
-honda access mud flaps
-honda access rear fog lights
-singlebulb headlights
-fender markers
-espace front lip
-mesa tail light pinstripes
-mesa cornerlight pinstripes
-mesa turn signal pinstripes
-mesa rear fog pinstripes

-cusco coilovers
-rear disc brake conversion
-jdm lcaís
-genuine Enkei racing D aero wheels
-front upper strut bar

Why is it called the million dollar motorcar?
Pretty simple. I have devided the whole surface area of the car into 100.000 1x1cm (roughly 0.39x0.39 inch) blocks and I am selling each block for $10 each. If you buy 10 or more blocks you get full creative freedom of what you can put on these blocks, this can be a logo, picture, text, your name, etc. Pretty much anything goes, as long as itís not offensive. Everybody buying more than 10 blocks are also listed on together with a link to your site or a short description of what you have put on the blocks. If you buy less than 10 blocks you can pick the color of each block. Selling all blocks will lead to a grand total of $1.000.000 (and thatís why itís called the million dollar motorcar).
I had this idea for a while and after a few years I decided to turn this idea into reality. After a lot of prep work I finally set the wheels in motion at the end of last week. There has already been a lot of support and enthusiasm for my project. A lot of locals have bought blocks to just pick a color and even a few companies have put their name on the car. I even sold some blocks to random people when stopping at a gas station just because they like the idea. Itís still a long way from being completed but at the moment I have sold around 480 blocks within the first week and I am pretty happy with that result.

for more info check out:
instagram @milliondollarmotorcar
twitter @themdmproject
EF Sedan Enthusiast

So glad you finally joined out little corner of the internet Very Happy  Neat idea, looking forward to what people come up with.

Damn, so the Concerto spoiler DOES fit.

Was that one from a sedan or hatch?

Like this wheels too, don't think i've ever seen them on a sedan before.

Welcome interesting idea and that wing looks good on there. Forum Index -> Project Logs
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