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The main question

The main question we get on this site from noobs is how to wire for MPFI,but i have a new question! is there a kit to do it and if so where is it available? Very Happy

Add sleepytime wires on FB if you have one. He makes harnesses for folks. Seems to be trustworthy enough on other forums.
His name is sleepyciv on

Neh. Factory MPFI  Cool

nope, mine was already done.

huh figured there would be seeing as how so many people do the conversion (runs to get patent). anyway is there any swaps you can do without wiring to MPFI Confused

Did mine and converted everything to OBD1 as well. runs like a champ. Cant hate on the extra 15hp too. lol  Very Happy  Cool

Did mine with the Si swap, best felling ever havin all 4 injectors and wiring is easy.

As long as you know how to read , then you can do it, save yourself lots of money.

Jerseys_fyn3st wrote:
As long as you know how to read , then you can do it, save yourself lots of money.

You said a mouthful!!! lol

I plan on it as soon as I can piece a swap together. I owned a DX CRX with DPFI and when i traded it for an HF, the HF felt faster, just because of the MPFI even though there was a huge HP difference. That and the CRX was an auto and the HF was a 5speed.

HF tranny is geared better also, and the CRX HF Chassis is the lightest out of all EFs.

EF4lyf3 wrote:
HF tranny is geared better also

WHAT. The HF is geared to the moon.

my hf tranny took me to 90 in second gear!!! lol great for boost I mean  Very Happy

WOw!!!! LOL! thanks for all the replies guys! Very Happy Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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